Fortnite Battle Royale Dates its Next Patch and Teases a New Item

The next update to Fortnite Battle Royale is on the way in a matter of days, and while we don’t have all of the details on just what Fortnite patch 5.30 will bring, we can at least share a firm calendar date for its arrival and get the wheels turning with an intriguing tease from one of the shooter’s devs.

fortnite patch 5.30

When I say “a matter of days”, I mean it: v5.30 of Fortnite is going to make its way online this coming Thursday, August 23rd. Those who chase the shooter’s weekly challenges will have a fresh set to run down the following Friday, August 24th.

As for what’s in v5.30, the devs have not provided a lot of information but one of them did share the following curious teaser:

“Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making it’s way to Battle Royale!”

The tease was then followed by a little /popcorn emote, so we suspect that the team are going to be carefully looking at the thread of guesses that fans are already throwing out there, from the absurd to the plausible.

Our Thoughts

We definitely like the idea of there being some form of portable teleporter, though we also have to worry about whether this new item will make things unbalanced to the point that everyone whines loudly enough to cause the devs to pull the item into its “vault”. Here’s hoping that whatever this “escape plan” is, it will be designed in such a way that it won’t cause too much rage.

Source: Fortnite subreddit

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