Fortnite Pens a Playground LTM Postmortem

So, the Playground mode of Fortnite came and went, and not without a few bumps along the way. That’s the subject of a Fortnite Playground postmortem written by the shooter’s devs as they detail what happened and what they’ve done to make the mode’s next arrival better.

fortnite playground postmortem

As everyone is well aware by now, the game’s matchmaking service (MMS) was the root cause. Specifically, the game’s MMS had to process more requests to get into an open match – between 25 and 100 times as many requests as it normally takes, which ended up overwhelming the system.

In order to fix it, the MMS had to be completely restructured during the shutdown period of the mode. The work has reportedly paid off as the new system was able to withstand millions of theoretical users during internal testing.

“In short, we learned a lot about our own matchmaking system and its failure points,” reads the post. “We were forced to make significant emergency upgrades to our Matchmaking Service, but these changes will serve the game well as we continue to grow and expand our player base into the future.”

Our Thoughts

Game dev for a live-service multiplayer title never really ends, especially on the technical front. Overall, though, we’re glad that the adjustments made by the Fortnite team will mean a better game overall. Of course, that remains to be truly tested once Playground opens again.

Source: official site

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Fortnite Playground Closes on July 12

Well, guess Epic Games wanted to put the “limited” on the whole “limited time mode”. The oft-delayed and much-enjoyed Fortnite Playground mode will be officially pulled out of the game on Thursday, July 12th, but the devs are promising its return with a number of new features.

fortnite playground mode

Epic Games confirmed on the Fortnite subreddit that while the Playground is being taken offline in about a week, the second iteration of the popular mode will be back with a variety of features that might be of interest to players, including:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s
  • Aim assist for controllers
  • The ability to edit another player’s structures
  • Fixes to traps so they affect players and teammates correctly
  • The ability to highlight teammates on the map
  • Pickaxe attacks that can damage enemies

Judging by some of the things people have built in the Plagryound LTM, however, aim assist and highlighting teammates might not be terribly interesting to most. There’s already been examples of people building things like Mario Kart-style racetracks and a superbuild where someone set off a domino effect that saw six points of interest on the map get destroyed in one shot. That piece of magnificence can be seen below:

Our Thoughts

Seriously. Guys n’ gals. Make this mode permanent soon.

Source: Fortnite subreddit

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Fortnite’s Playground LTM is Back (Again)

So, the Fortnite Playground LTM was up. And then it was down but was supposed to be up. But then it stayed down for a while. No, seriously, it’s back and playable again.

fortnite playground ltm

The matchmaking issues that plagued the Playground so hard that it actually bled into the rest of Fortnite have been more or less cleared and the Playground limited time mode is once more open to players.

Fans will want to bear a few specific restrictions for stability’s sake; namely the request to set your preferred region to “auto-select” and that there may still be errors, in which case you’re asked to simply re-queue.

In addition to the re-re-relaunch of the Playground, Fortnite 4.5 has seen a couple of smaller updates including a Tommy Gun-like Drum Gun to Battle Royale and the addition of the Stink Bomb to Save the World. There’s also a contest going on that asks players to create an in-game superhero movie, which is offering prizes like having the machinima play at Risky Reels and V-Bucks.

Our Thoughts

Clearly, Playground is a thing people want to see outside of a limited time, so we’re definitely hoping that making the mode a permanent fixture like the devs want to will be able to happen sooner rather than later. That said, the difficulty with even launching the mode for a limited time could see that delayed even harder.

Sources: Fortnite subreddit, official site 1, 2

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