Play of the Fortnight: Halloween Terror is the Best Time of the Year

It’s that time of year again: Halloween is approaching, and the accompanying Overwatch Halloween Terror event isn’t too far off. What can we expect in the upcoming rehash of the popular seasonal event? Let’s take a look at what Blizzard has confirmed is on its way.

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Announcement

The Return of Junkestein’s Revenge

Still one of the most popular seasonal game modes, Junkenstein’s Revenge will be back this year. We know that Blizzard is unlikely to ever entirely retire the seasonal game modes they’ve released, though it’s possible they’ll get a relaunch at some point. Certainly, we can expect tweaks and changes such as playable heroes, the map, or minor adjustments. Alternatively, we’ve seen the anniversary game modes follow a different mini story.

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Junkenstein's Revenge

Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Junkenstein’s Revenge isn’t getting any major changes this year. In fact, he specifically said that there aren’t likely to be any dramatic changes and it seems like they’re pretty happy with how the game mode plays out already. He did however share that there will be some minor adjustments, perhaps in line with their other quality of life changes which the team has been focused on.

This is a little disappointing, as while Junkenstein’s Revenge is a fantastic game mode, it definitely feels like it could use a bit of a refresh. Additional maps and different boss mechanics would both be really welcome changes to keep things exciting. However, it seems this won’t be happening, certainly not this year.

Bride of Junkenstein’s Monster

A classic Halloween theme, we’re going to be getting a Bride of Junkenstein’s Monster skin this year. A lot of the community seems confused and thinks it’s Junkenstein’s Bride, meaning it would be a match for Junkrat. There’s been a lot of buzz around “ships” for Junkrat, but tying back to the Frankenstein myth: Junkenstein is the doctor, not the monster. Jeff Kaplan clearly said that Junkenstein’s Monster was getting a bride. Therefore, it’ll be a bride for the Roadhog skin.

The design of such a skin would fit someone like Moira fairly well. Traditionally, the bride would have dark, curly swept back hair with white streaks through it. She’s often depicted with outstretched hands and fingers and an intense stare on her face. Moira could slip into this role very easily with her overall aesthetic, particularly her long, ethereal fingers and the way she uses her hands.

Unfortunately, as you’ll see shortly, it’s unlikely Moira will get this skin. That leaves it open for other heroes. It might fit someone like Zarya, because of her bulkier form. This would fit the combo with Roadhog as Junkenstein’s Monster. However, the visual style of the skin may fit someone like Widowmaker more. There is a potential that the skin will go to Sombra, which you’ll see soon as well. We suspect this will be the last of the skins to be fully revealed, however.

First Official Skin Reveal – Swamp Monster Doomfist

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Swamp Monster Doomfist

“Just keep swimming. Make a splash as SWAMP MONSTER DOOMFIST”

Blizzard officially revealed Swamp Monster Doomfist, showing they’re not necessarily sticking to adding skins that match a hero’s aesthetic. Swamp Monster Doomfist is a blue-skinned, scaly “monster” with armored flesh to match Doomfist’s original skin. His face is sculpted and his eyes are dark and shadowy. His skin is streaked with protruding fins and spikes, and he’s seen wearing a seashell bracelet.

The skin isn’t particularly monstrous, but it is a refreshing change from the more traditional Halloween skins we’ve become accustomed to.

Second Official Skin Reveal – Banshee Moira

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Banshee Moira

“An ominous portent. Haunt down your enemies as BANSHEE MOIRA”

As we mentioned above, Moira is getting a new legendary skin. It of course makes sense that she’d be a banshee, seeing as she’s an Irish hero and the banshee legend is deeply rooted in Irish lore. However, it is a bit sad that we won’t see her taking up the role of Bride of Junkenstein(‘s Monster!)

This skin sees her in torn robes and with her signature purple and yellow glowing segments to her outfit. There seem to be some Celtic-inspired designs on her skin as well, which again fits with the history behind the banshee myth.

Additional Halloween Terror Skins

Both of the above skins are Legendary skins. Based on recent events, we’re probably going to see at least another three unknown Legendary skins being announced before the event begins next week. With the three we already know about, that’d bring us to a total of six Legendary skins. Blizzard has been giving us around six to eight new Legendaries each seasonal event recently.

With the themes they’ve been exploring for this event, these are likely going to be more rooted in horror, whereas last year’s were more like Halloween costumes. There are a few heroes who haven’t had an Epic or Legendary skin for a few events. These include Pharah, Zarya, Genji, Widowmaker, Mercy, and of course Wrecking Ball. Some of these heroes do have existing Halloween Terror skins, though, so that’s worth keeping in mind. It’s likely that we’ll see the Bride skin with Zarya or Widowmaker, though there is a bit of a community around the Roadhog x Mercy “ship”.

Players have been speculating on an image that was seen on the PTR as well, which could allude to which skins we’ll see. Redditor McManus26 posted a list of what these images could mean. We definitely see Wrecking Ball/Hammond and Sombra. It’s likely the top middle is the Banshee Moira skin we already talked about. The top right one could be the Swamp Monster skin, but it’s a bit unclear in the picture provided. The bottom right could be Bride Sombra. Genji could fit a slasher film skin, though whether Blizzard would venture that far into horror remains to be seen. Most of their Halloween Terror skins have been fairly innocent so far. And if we get a Jack-O-Lantern Wrecking Ball, I think I quit…

Halloween Terror Launch Date

The Halloween Terror event starts on Tuesday, October 9th. That means we only have a few more days for additional reveals to happen before we dive right in. Events usually run through for about three weeks, but as Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, having the event end on Monday 29th wouldn’t make much sense.

Most likely, we’ll see the event run until the following Monday, putting its end date at November 5th.

Closing Thoughts

Blizzard’s Overwatch skins are certainly ramping up in quality in recent events. Halloween Terror is always a favorite, and it looks like they’ve got a few really unique ideas and designs. We have at least a few more reveals to look forward to in the next few days.

However, it’s slightly disappointing to hear that the team’s focus is going to be away from the existing seasonal events. While the game modes are great, there’s definitely been some rumblings in the community about them becoming stale, especially with the Summer Games game mode. Hopefully next year’s events will see some slight modifications to keep things fresh.

What are you most looking forward to with Halloween Terror? Let us know in the comments below!

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