Fractured Opens its Kickstarter

Just in case you weren’t already aware, the Fractured MMO Kickstarter launch is underway, opening up to fans who are eager to back the sandbox MMORPG and see it come alive. And, as one would expect, the crowdfunding page is a repository of summarized information about just what this MMO is hoping to offer.

fractured mmo kickstarter

So, about that synopsis: Fractured has three starting planets and races that players can choose from based on their playstyle. If you prefer to play in a “traditional” sandbox with alignment based on personal choice, play as a human on Syndesia. If you would rather cooperate with others, the beastmen of Arboreus is for you. If you think “sandbox” is shorthand for “digital murder blender”, then be a demon living in Tartaros.

Fractured also touts the fact that players aren’t forever locked into their planet of choice. Alluded-to systems that let players completely change their alignment and perhaps their location will also be in place, though not without some presumed level of difficulty. “The paths of corruption and redemption are long and devious, but your will can always change your destiny,” promises the blurb.

Fractured also touts its more active form of combat, a progression system that focuses less on grind and more on horizontal question described as a combination of a MOBA-like level playing field and the sense of progression of a typical MMORPG, and a host of player-driven features like economy and town building.

Fractured is seeking €100k over the next month or so to put together the game, with funding mostly going to hiring a number of selected developers to help fully bring the game’s vision to life. The devs also hope the campaign will increase awareness of Fractured, opening new lines of communication and gauging whether the title is of interest to genre fans.

Our Thoughts

The most interesting hook of Fractured remains its three-prong world system, which sounds about as clever of an answer to the griefing gankbox problem that many other sandbox titles have. We’ll be looking forward to further developments from this one as the game’s Kickstarter rolls on.

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