Play it While You Can! A Fractured Playtest Is On The Way.

We have been anticipating the release of sandbox MMORPG Fractured for a while now, and it would appear that we are a step closer with the announcement of the upcoming 2020 Fractured playtest. 

Since day one we’ve been keenly following the development of this title from its crowdfunding and Q&A sessions to recent stress tests, and for good reason – there is a lot to look forward to. Perhaps the most unprecedented feature is its fully-interactive environment. However, the cosmic setting, player-crafted items, race-dependent mechanics and the omission of grinding and leveling really sets this game apart. 

Split into 2 phases, the Fractured playtest will first be available for the game’s backers on Tuesday 26th May followed by universal access on Thursday 28th May, both at 2pm. Pile in the hours in while you can though as it will close to everybody on Monday 1st June. 

Expect the changes introduced during the Alpha 2 – Test 2 in March to be augmented with the following additions: 

  • Item stack splitting (holding CTRL when releasing a stack)
  • Crafting multiple items (instead of 1 at a time)
  • Faster movement speed on paved roads
  • Protection from monster attacks and damage when knocked down.
  • Proper Death, where your corpse will retain your inventory until recovered by yourself or a fellow guild member, or looted by a member of an opposing Militia.

Militias are a surprise new mechanic to spice up the PvP experience on Syndesia, the planet of the human race. Overall, it gives players a chance to join one of four predefined NPC Militias, within which they can decide to attack (or loot) the other three. The Devs have promised to expand on this concept the closer we get to a final release, but in the meantime get the full lowdown via the announcement page here.

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Fractured Alpha This Weekend Open to All

This weekend you’ll be able to take part in the Fractured Alpha test for 3 days. Starting on Friday, December 6th at 10 AM Eastern the world will have access to one of the most recent Kickstarter MMOs. It all ends on Monday, December 9th at 6 AM Eastern. Unlike previous tests, this one is open to the public. To take part all you have to do is go to the Fractured official site and create an account then download the client.

The reason behind this test is to stress test the performance of certain systems when they’re under a heavy load. In particular, they’re looking at the client patcher, the login server, server workers, and the game world.

Before the test, all plots of land will be freed and wiped. So if you’ve been playing the game up until now you’ll have to start your plot of land over. But, there is some good news for those folks. Everyone who has had access to Alpha 2 will be able to continue playing until December 16th! That’s an additional week after the end of the open alpha event.

If you enjoy the free weekend and you want to keep taking part in testing events when they happen you can buy Founders Packs on the official site that will grant you access to the game, gold, VIP time, and a bunch of goodies. The pack that grants access to Alpha 2 is the €89.99 Legend pack. It comes with a copy of the game, 10,000 gold, 3 months of VIP time, a forum and game title, a Founder Villa house blueprint, a Mule mount and wagon, plus you can reserve your character’s name.

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Fractured Opens the Virtual Doors of its Online Store

Despite having raised $100k from private investment and $120k in crowdfunding via Kickstarter, Fractured appears to be keeping its funding options open and making support available year-round with the launch of a Fractured online store front.

fractured online store

The new Fractured store will offer replicas of the pledge packages that were previously available only on its Kickstarter, including the “early bird” bundles and other exclusive packs in limited amounts. The store will also let existing Kickstarter backers upgrade their pledge.

The store comes in two parts: the Basic Pledge Packs section, which offers most of the usual bundles and the aforementioned early bird packs; and the Limited Pledge Packs section, which feature some big ticket features and pricing. As the page name suggests, these are limited and will be phased out once Fractured begins alpha testing.

Ultimately, all pledges collected from this store front will be put towards unlocking missed Kickstarter stretch goals.

As for what’s next, Fractured’s first alpha is slated to begin in December of this year. A dev blog has offered a rundown of what the map will look like and its locations, which can be read here.

Our Thoughts

At this point, having a new and open round of pledging seems par for the crowdfunding course, so we can’t really fault Fractured for doing the same thing here. What’s most remarkable is that a fair number of the Limited Pledge Packs are already sold out at the time of this writing, so clearly people are eager to see this game funded, developed and released. We wish the devs the best of luck.

Source: press release

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Fractured Discusses What’s Next After a Successful Kickstarter

With a successful fundraising drive behind them, the team of sandbox MMO Fractured are preparing for the next steps. And, as one would expect for a crowdsourced, open development title, they’d like to share a number of those plans with backers and fans with a little Fractured crowdfunding postmortem.

fractured crowdfunding postmortem

As far as the game itself is concerned, backers who bought in at the Knight level and above can expect to see the MMO’s first alpha test this December. The focus of this test will be on crafting, building, and a number of basic PvP and PvE systems. A pre-alpha is also planned for roughly sometime in October for “the most active users in the community.”

All backers of Fractured have been advised that they should be registered, as 14 days from now they will be sending out Kickstarter surveys to take information and begin the process of integrating pledges with accounts. And for those who perhaps missed the crowdfunding boat, the team will also be opening up a storefront that will accept over 700 payment methods.

Finally, the team will be silent for the first two weeks in August as they will be taking a vacation to enjoy Italy’s world-famous tradition of experiencing massive traffic jams, expensive flight tickets and fully-booked hotels around this time of year. Their words, not mine.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping the team at Dynamight don’t experience too many travel headaches. And here’s also hoping that development of Fractured moves at a steady pace once vacation is over, as we’re certain there are more than a few MMO fans who are looking forward this game’s arrival.

Source: official site

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Fractured Plans Two Q&A Livestreams This Week

With about $5,000 remaining in the sandbox game’s Kickstarter campaign at the time of this writing, two Fractured Q&A livestreams are planned for this week to further give backers and interested MMO fans a look at several of the game’s systems.

fractured q&a livestreams

Both livestreams will go down one after the other, with the first going live today, Monday, July 23rd and the second on the following Tuesday, July 24th. Both will broadcast at 4pm EDT/10pm CEST on the sandbox MMO’s YouTube channel.

Today’s livestream will take a deeper dive into the MMO’s races and planets in a dedicated broadcast that will likely further explain the differences among each. Tuesday’s livestream, meanwhile, will take questions regarding the housing and town systems, which got their own spotlight this past Friday.

If you perhaps have questions about any of these topics, you’re welcome to submit them to dedicated threads on the Fractured forums. Links for each of those forum threads are part of the broadcast announcement and can be found right here.

Our Thoughts

First off, we want to wish the devs the best as the crowdfunding drive for Fractured comes to a close. Secondly, we hope that the answers provided by the devs will end up being suitable for the fans of this incoming MMO. Maybe we’ll also hear about some more systems during these broadcasts?

Source: official site

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Fractured Opts for Regional Servers over Single Shard

The single shard global server. In theory, it’s a generally grand idea, especially for MMORPGs. In practice, though, the world is really big and round and internet companies can often be jerkwads. And so, Fractured regional servers are going to be implemented by the sandbox MMO in lieu of single shard tech.

Fractured regional servers

According to the post on the game’s website announcing the move, regional servers are coming as a result of fan feedback – particularly those who have played other single-shard MMOs. “We wanted to create a unified, truly international experience, without splitting our userbase,” explains the post. “Well, it turned out this was a very clear situation where our vision conflicted with that of our community.”

With that said, though the team is looking into implementing regional servers they do want to make sure they don’t split the playerbase too much. So there will first be a single server located in the eastern US for Alpha 1 if the userbase is low, granting a good location for players in the Americas and the EU. If the population grows outwards from there, then additional regions will be added, including US East and West, EU East and West, and servers in Southeast Asia, South America and Australia as necessary.

In addition to these regional server plans, the devs have outlined their localization plans for Fractured. Players can expect to see the sandbox localized for Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, French, German and Italian players. More language support will be added later as the need demands.

Our Thoughts

Like we said in the open, single shard tech would be great if internet speeds weren’t subject to any number of factors that affect ping, but that’s just not the world we live in right now. So with that in mind, we support the team at Fractured in this move.

Source: official site

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Fractured Opens its Kickstarter

Just in case you weren’t already aware, the Fractured MMO Kickstarter launch is underway, opening up to fans who are eager to back the sandbox MMORPG and see it come alive. And, as one would expect, the crowdfunding page is a repository of summarized information about just what this MMO is hoping to offer.

fractured mmo kickstarter

So, about that synopsis: Fractured has three starting planets and races that players can choose from based on their playstyle. If you prefer to play in a “traditional” sandbox with alignment based on personal choice, play as a human on Syndesia. If you would rather cooperate with others, the beastmen of Arboreus is for you. If you think “sandbox” is shorthand for “digital murder blender”, then be a demon living in Tartaros.

Fractured also touts the fact that players aren’t forever locked into their planet of choice. Alluded-to systems that let players completely change their alignment and perhaps their location will also be in place, though not without some presumed level of difficulty. “The paths of corruption and redemption are long and devious, but your will can always change your destiny,” promises the blurb.

Fractured also touts its more active form of combat, a progression system that focuses less on grind and more on horizontal question described as a combination of a MOBA-like level playing field and the sense of progression of a typical MMORPG, and a host of player-driven features like economy and town building.

Fractured is seeking €100k over the next month or so to put together the game, with funding mostly going to hiring a number of selected developers to help fully bring the game’s vision to life. The devs also hope the campaign will increase awareness of Fractured, opening new lines of communication and gauging whether the title is of interest to genre fans.

Our Thoughts

The most interesting hook of Fractured remains its three-prong world system, which sounds about as clever of an answer to the griefing gankbox problem that many other sandbox titles have. We’ll be looking forward to further developments from this one as the game’s Kickstarter rolls on.

Source: Kickstarter

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Fractured Ties Down a Kickstarter Date and Shares New Gameplay

The Fractured MMO Kickstarter has finally decided upon a start date to take your money. Fans of the in-development MMO can offer their support of the upcoming title in a matter of days and, to perhaps entice you a bit, the devs have posted a new gameplay video to show where things stand.

fractured mmo kickstarter

The video in question features pre-alpha footage of two of the devs running through a swampy, dangerous biome that’s described as typical for the planet of Arboreus. The video is just shy of two minutes, showing off some of the title’s ARPG-like combat as the duo runs about the dense swampland.

The video is the first of three such showcases the devs have planned, with the other two due to arrive at some time next week.

As for the Kickstarter, that will open up on Monday, June 25th. According to the devs, early June didn’t quite work out thanks to E3, but the team is ready to go and, presumably, all of the Kickstarter pledges have been agreed upon.

You can take a look at the very, very green gameplay footage below.

Our Thoughts

Looking solid! About the most intriguing hook for Fractured is its three-in-one approach to game design, but that could be enough to draw interest from a wide variety of MMO player preferences. We wish the team the best of luck with their crowdfunding efforts.

Source: official site

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Fractured MMO Seeks Opinions on its Kickstarter Pledge Offerings

We MMO fans are an opinionated lot. Just troll any related subreddit or comment section and see if your brain doesn’t beg for some form of intellectual water afterwards. With that in mind, the Fractured MMO Kickstarter pledges are being previewed by the devs and they’re looking for your opinions on them.

fractured mmo kickstarter pledges

The pledges range in price from €5 to €10,000 with the usual bells and whistles that one would expect out of crowdfunding bundles, including forum titles, access to testing phaes and other various things of that sort.

The devs are specifically asking for opinions on price fairness, interest in specific types of packs, if people think there’s anything missing, and whether or not Foundation points should be included in the pledge tiers.

If you happen to be a fan of the in-development Fractured MMO and like typing your opinion, be sure to look over the pledges and hit the “Discuss” button on the bottom to sound off.

Our Thoughts

We don’t have a horse in this race, but with a quick once-over of the pledges in question, it seems like the Fractured MMO crowdfunding tiers are fair, or otherwise don’t seem to dissimilar to other drives of this sort. We’re looking forward to seeing where this discussion goes in the meantime.

Source: official site

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Fractured MMO Answers an Array of Fan Questions

If a summary from a Fractured MMO Q&A livestream is anything to go by, potential players of the sandbox MMO are an extremely curious and varied bunch. The Q&A session drew in questions that covered pretty much every aspect of the in-development title, from PvP to combat to monetization and beyond.

fractured mmo q&a

On the gameplay side of things – specifically exploration, which is said to be a chief component of Fractured thanks to the Knowledge System – activities like unlocking abilities, farming, house building can be done solo. That said, some activities are perhaps more challenging as a solo player such as dungeon diving and fighting boss monsters, but those won’t be a primary focus of Fractured’s gameplay. Furthermore, anything you can do solo can also be done within a group.

As a matter of fact, keeping Fractured solo and small-group friendly is a primary design concern of the devs. According to the Q&A, a direct competitor sandbox MMO like Albion Online is “not very fun for solo players” and so the devs want to make sure people of all group sizes can enjoy their game.

The Q&A synopsis also touches a bit more on how PvP will work, how Guilds will operate, and the situational impact of gear in the game. There was also some word on how the game’s monetization will work, with news that the game will likely cost between $20-$30 and will feature a cosmetics-only cash shop. Whether the game will also add a subscription model isn’t yet decided on. You can read up on all of the answers here.

Our Thoughts

Seems like the devs have got an overall plan on how they’d like Fractured MMO to turn out and a pretty clear vision. The question is how many people will be on board with Fractured. In our opinion, having a sandbox MMO that lets solo or smaller groups have fun is just as important as one that requires you to join massive guilds or war efforts.

Source: official forums

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