LOTRO VIP Subscriber Gift Available This Month

LOTRO VIP Subscribers will be able to get a special gift all month long, just for logging in. When anyone with an active VIP subscription logs in before the end of September they’ll be gifted with a free Armour of the Isengard Dispeller cosmetic set. Each of your characters will have to be logged in individually to get the set on them. The item will be found in your inventory. This gift will be available until September 30th for VIP and Lifetime VIP Subscribers. The items are Bound to Account, but getting them couldn’t be easier.

In addition to that from now until the 12th of September, you’ll be able to get 20% off select expansions and expansion quests, Enhanced XP Supply, HornburgToken, Skirmishes, Instances, and the 100% Mark Acquisition Boosts.

There’s also a new item to be found in the LOTRO Store, the Enduring Universal Toolkit.

The weekly coupon, which also lasts until September 12th will get you a Tome of Tracking. To get it use the code TRACKINGTOME in the store.

The armor is proving to be quite popular at the moment, so if you hope to stand out from the crowd…well, still get it, but maybe don’t put it on just yet or else you’ll end up looking like everyone else. It’s fantastic that the developers are offering free gifts to VIPs like this as an incentive to keep their subscriptions going. There are a lot of MMOs out there that could do with this sort of thing.

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SWTOR is Giving Away Shadow of Revan Expansion

If you like free stuff or feeling like you’re circumventing Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s cash shop, then you might like this announced offer. For a limited time, players can pick up free Shadow of Revan content for the MMORPG with a simple code.

free shadow of revan content

From now until November 1st, players can head to the game’s code redemption page and put in a special promo code to get Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan content for absolutely free. This effectively adds new story content and raises your character’s level cap to 60.

The promotion is part of the inclusion of several heroes from The Old Republic series in the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which has added Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo and Jedi Knight Revan as unlockable characters. These characters are part of a special event happening in Galaxy of Heroes between now and October 25th.

All of the specific details, links, and the unlock code itself can be found here.

Our Thoughts

It’s hard to really gauge for sure how many free players of SWTOR there were who didn’t otherwise get these expansions, but at the same time it’s really hard to balk at any free stuff. Especially free stuff that normally is behind a paywall.

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SMITE Offers a Free Bundle for PlayStation Plus Members

This information is either going to fill you with a sense of delight or jealousy that your preferred platform isn’t being considered: a free SMITE PlayStation Plus bundle is being offered to PS4 players with a whole bunch of goodies, including skins, gods, and voice packs.

smite playstation plus bundle

The bundle in question offers up 20 Gods, 20 voice packs for said Gods, 31 skins, and the Khepri announcer pack for absolutely free so long as you’re subscribed to the PlayStation Plus program.

According to some of the responses on the related Twitter post, it appears that the bundle is for NA players only. We’ve reached out to Hi-Rez for confirmation and will update the story accordingly.

According to the announcement, the bundle is being offered for a limited time – specifically until Tuesday, January 9th. With that in mind, if you want these freebies, you might want to consider acting fast.

Our Thoughts

That is a pretty generous offer from Hi-Rez! One certainly can wonder just why they’re providing so much free stuff for one specific platform, but then again we’re also not ones to turn away being granted free goodies. Here’s hoping that PlayStation players enjoy and that similar offers arrive to other platforms soon.

Source: press release

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Star Trek Online Dishes Out Free Shuttles and Uniforms

What’s better than free stuff? Double the free stuff. A Star Trek Online gift giveaway is being offered to every player on every platform in celebration of two milestones in the series’ more recent and somewhat distant history.

Well, I write “somewhat distant” in order to make myself not feel old, honestly…

star trek online gift

Players who log in between now and Tuesday, October 31st will receive a new uniform based on the recently aired Star Trek Discovery series and a Type-7 Shuttle in honor of the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The freebies are offered for the first time to console players of the MMO, while PC players were granted these goodies earlier but will now get a second chance to claim them.

In addition to the free stuff, console players can now play the new TNG-themed episode “Beyond the Nexus”, which has players working with Captain Geordi LaForge, played once more by actor LeVar Burton. Console players who are between level 50 and 60 can also queue up for the five-player Arena of Sompek event for dilithium, marks, and other rewards from now until Thursday, November 9th.

More details on the in-game gifts can be found here, info about the Arena of Sompek is here, and “Beyond the Nexus” episode details are here.

Our Thoughts

Yay, free stuff! We are pretty taken by the new uniform designs used in Star Trek Discovery, and this writer is always appreciative of every nod to TNG. Here’s hoping Star Trek Online captains of all platforms enjoy the goodies and the content. And if you want more free stuff (and are playing on the PC), be sure you pick up an Accelerated Officer Training Pack!

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