Beat a 7-Day Trial Challenge, Get Black Desert Online for Free

We know that Black Desert Online offers up a 7-day trial. That’s not news. What is, however, is the fact that players of that trial can very possibly keep the complete game free of charge in the appropriately named Black Desert Online 7-Day Trial Challenge.

black desert online 7-day trial challenge

In honor of the sandbox MMO hitting 10 million registered players worldwide, BDO is dropping the gauntlet for new players that download the game’s free trial: reach level 56 on your character and complete your class Awakening quest before the 7 days are up, and you’ll get permanent access to the game free of charge.

The free access in question is equivalent to the game’s Starter’s Package, which basically gives you the full game and 10 7-day guest passes. In case you’ve got friends who maybe want to take up the challenge themselves, perhaps.

In addition to the chance at a permanent unlock of the game, players can enjoy up to 50% off in-game items offered by the NPC Patrigio along with the third version of the Kamasylvian Alchemists event.

The 7-day challenge runs between October 3rd and 17th and is not available to Steam users. All of the specific details can be found here in infographic form.

Our Thoughts

Considering the belt sander levels of grinding power most MMORPG players can achieve when they set their minds to it, surmounting this 7-day challenge doesn’t seem like a big ask. So, for those who’d like to get themselves a free sandbox MMO, this is a pretty darn good opportunity.

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ESO Announces a Free Play Event and QuakeCon Goodies

The Elder Scrolls Online would like you to look in its direction for about a week and during the upcoming QuakeCon event. Just in case some other fantasy MMOs are trying to siren song you over or you’re tired of hearing about said updates. Another new ESO free play event has been announced along with some freebies for players who check out the game’s keynote at QuakeCon.

eso free play event

From Thursday, August 9th to Wednesday, August 15th, potential fresh arrivals can head to a dedicated website to choose the platform of their choice and start playing. The free event will include the full base game and the Vvardenfell zone, and will not require PS4 players to have PlayStation Plus to participate.

If you just so happen to enjoy what you’re playing, ESO is also having sales on its various editions and Crown Packs for the duration of QuakeCon from now until August 13th. The sales look to be platform-specific, so you’ll want to click through our source link if you care to learn more.

Speaking of QuakeCon, ESO will also be handing out free goodies to fans who tune in on Twitch for the QuakeCon keynote on Friday, August 10th, which will offer a few words on the upcoming Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLCs. Fans who have their Twitch and ESO accounts linked can get themselves a Flame Atronach Wolf pet and five Ouroboros Crown Crates. The keynote will also be on Mixer and YouTube, though the freebies are Twitch-specific.

Our Thoughts

How about that free play timing, eh? All things considered, ESO is definitely an MMORPG that should have your attention and this free play event sounds like one of the best ways to get in. Otherwise, we’re looking forward to the latest word regarding the next DLCs.

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Wild West Online Patching Out Factions and Releasing a Free Trial

The Wild Frontier of WWO is getting another new patch sometime soon and though we don’t know the approximate date, we do know the contents. The next update will essentially do away with its current factions, a redesign of the game’s town capture mechanics, and a Wild West Online free trial edition among other updates.

wild west online free trial

The free trial edition of the sandbox will offer the game for free with the exception of a couple of noted restrictions. Players will not be able to level up past level 20 and they will not be able to unlock achievements or receive related rewards. The post alludes to some other restrictions, but only lists those two for the time being.

As for the patch content itself, WWO will be axing the current faction system for a return to the Sheriffs vs. Outlaws mechanic. “While we don’t think this first release will check all boxes for all players, we will continue to tweak and fine tune it until we get a system that all players will be happy about,” elaborates the post after an editing pass we applied.

Town capturing is also getting a significant rework, with promise that the team to “do it right” this time around. Again, the post is light on specifics, but does state that systems like team balancing, correcting spawn locations and rewards are all due for adjustment.

The patch will also make a number of fixes to event rewards, weapons, and a number of other features. You can read up on what’s to come here.

Our Thoughts

Huh! Well, a free trial would certainly be a good addition to this game considering there are perhaps a lot of folks who are gunshy about starting their own life in the PvP Wild West. We’ll be looking forward to more specific details soon.

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