Star Citizen Announces a Week of Free Flying

You’d think the anniversary of being in alpha isn’t something to crow about, but then you’re not Star Citizen. Despite how you feel about the space sandbox’s dev cycle and monetization practices, however, you might be interested in learning about a Star Citizen free play event, which marks the game’s anniversary and the release of its latest planet while also opening up a significant number of vehicles to everyone.

star citizen free play event

From November 23 to December 1, everyone can hop into Star Citizen’s persistent universe module and putter about whether they’re a backer or not. Over the course of the week, every ship and vehicle that can be commandeered in-game will be on offer, with a different array of vehicles being made available every 24 hours.

The announcement also teases that those who make their way to the new planet Hurston and its city of Lorville could find “some surprises in store.” There’s also hints about some form of interactive activities being shared on the game’s website.

Speaking of the game’s website, be sure to head over there to learn what ships will be available when.

Our Thoughts

Assuming your PC can handle even looking at Star Citizen, now seems about as good a time as any to experience first-hand whether this in-development sandbox is worth all the hubbub or hate. After all, you really can’t rib it without experiencing it.

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Battlerite Royale is Free to Play for a Week

What started off as a short week has now extended a bit further as Stunlock Studios has kicked off a Battlerite Royale free to play week, letting anyone curious about what BR gaming is like from a bird’s eye view with MOBA combat satisfy their extremely specific destire.

battlerite royale free to play week

Between now (October 30th) and November 4th, anyone can download and fire up the entire game free of charge. In addition, if you’re inspired to buy in, there’s a 30% off between now and November 5th.

The free week runs parallel to the game’s current Halloween showcase, Curse of the Night, which brings on a spooky map and Trick or Treat Shrines that can quite literally treat you with a buff or trick you with a debuff.

There also happens to be a few smaller in-game events running, including event quests, a Gleam giveaway and login rewards. All of the salient details can be read at the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

We’re pretty sure that this game has already done a free promotion before, which does beg the question…what’s halting Stunlock from going all-in on a free-to-play model now? At any case, we do hope those who dip into the MOBA Royale pool have a nice swim in the waters of Battlerite Royale.

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