Vermintide 2 Free Weekend Event This Weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend then you might want to check out the Vermintide 2 free weekend event that has already started. From November 21 to the 24th you’ll be able to play the co-op Warhammer game completely free on Steam. You’ll also be able to play all of the DLCs for free if you’re invited by a player who owns the game and DLC.

“We are excited to bring Steam users the chance to play Vermintide 2” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “This will be a good opportunity to get into the battle and help the heroes fend off the Skaven and Chaos hordes.”

Throughout the weekend if you decide you like the game you’ll be able to buy the game for 75% off. The DLC as well as the collector’s edition are also on sale on Steam. You can get all of this on the official Vermintide 2 Steam page.

If you’re a little bit on the fence about the game check out our review of the base game which came out early last year. The reviewer still loves Vermintide as much as he did when he reviewed it, possibly even a bit more thanks to the expansions. I know this because I’m married to him. So, if you’re a fan of Warhammer or Left 4 Dead and you haven’t given Vermintide 2 a try yet this weekend is your chance. You won’t regret it.


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Citadel: Forged With Fire Free Weekend Going on Now

It isn’t quite the weekend yet but that is stopping the Citadel: Forged With Fire free weekend from starting right now. The game officially launches on Friday November 1st on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam, but the developers are offering you the opportunity to try it out for free this weekend on Steam.

Blue Isle Studios also has an extensive roadmap of free content updates for the game and they’ve announced that the first DLC is slated to launch in early 2020. This first DLC will include narrative driven quests, the most widely requested feature from the community, and hours of new gameplay.

citadel forged with fire mmo

Citadel: Forged With Fire is rated T for Teen and unlike so many other games these days you can actually find physical editions of the game in some stores around the world. Or if you prefer, you can just order it on Steam where it has been available in Early Access since mid-2017.

In that time the developers have been posting patch notes and working on developing the game and getting it ready for launch. The most recent update which was released yesterday brought in moving mouths when using VoIP, a new mini-boss, and 8 new server types which you can find listed below.

– PVP – veryfast-reset: 5x exp 5x gather, server reset every 90 days
– PVP – fast-reset: 3x exp 3x gather, server reset every 90 days
– PVP – fast: 3x exp 3x gather
– PVP – very fast: 5x exp 5x gather
– PVE – fast: 3x exp 3x gather
– PVE – veryfast: 5x exp 5x gather
– PVE – freebuild: unlimited resources, free flying, no weight restrictions
– PVE – freebuild-reset: unlimited resources, free flying, no weight restrictions, reset every 90 days


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The Division 2 is Free to Play This Weekend

If you haven’t tried it yet and you’re curious The Division 2 is free to play this weekend on all platforms it is available on. That’s PC, PS4, and Xbox One in case you didn’t know. During the free to play weekend, you’ll have access to the entire game. If you’ve taken part in previous free to play events you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. If you do decide to buy the game any progress you’ve made during the free weekend will carry over.

Speaking of buying it, the game has been discounted 70% and the Year 1 Pass has been discounted 40% for the duration of the free to play weekend. The free to play weekend has already started and will continue to run until Monday, October 21st at 8 AM UTC for UPlay, PS4, and Xbox One and 5 PM UTC for the Epic store.

They have an FAQ on their official website but it is pretty small and is just made up of everything you just read. The one thing it doesn’t explain is why the free to play weekend. It’s to celebrate the launch of Episode 2, a massive game update and Title Update 6. Episode 2 is the new DLC that is tied to the Year 1 Pass. It includes 3 missions that are all around the Pentagon, which gives the episode its title, Pentagon: The Last Castle. Title Update 6 has revamped character customization, crafting, and a whole lot more. The update is available to everyone and doesn’t require the Year 1 Pass.


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Funcom Conan Games Free to Play This Weekend

If you’ve been meaning to give the Funcom Conan games a try then this weekend you are in luck. Age of Conan: Unchained, Conan Exiles, and Conan Unconquered are all free to play on Steam this weekend. Age of Conan is a free to play MMO so technically it isn’t really included in this free weekend, but it sounds better when you can say that all of them are free to play. If you decide you want to buy Conan Exiles or Conan Unconquered they will also be available at a discounted price until September 30th.

As previously mentioned, Age of Conan is the free to play MMO from Funcom. It is an 11 year old game with a dedicated playerbase. It is perhaps best known for its female nudity. It has had a number of expansions which you will get in the Hyborean Collector’s Edition on Steam for 60% off.

Conan Exiles is a survival game that enjoyed quite a lot of popularity while that was the genre everyone was making. It’s best known for its penis slider as it offers equal opportunities for nudity. The Standard and Deluxe Editions are 50% off while the Complete Edition is available for 40% off.

Conan Unconquered Preview Watching the World Burn

Then there is Petroglyph’s RTS Conan Unconquered. Petroglyph is the studio made up of former Westwood employees who made Command & Conquer and Earth and Beyond. They worked with Funcom to make Conan Unconquered which is both single player and has online co-op options. Conan Unconquered available for 30% off.

Notably Conan Chop Chop isn’t included in this, and that’s because it was delayed until Q1 2020 so they could add more features to the game. This is a stick figure action combat game that was once just an April Fools Day joke and now is going to be a reality.


Source: PCGamer

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Overwatch Announces Upcoming Short and Another Free Weekend

In true Blizzard fashion, the folks at Overwatch are announcing an announcement. A new Overwatch animated short is on the way very soon while the full FPS is once more opening its doors for a free weekend of play across all platforms.

new overwatch animated short

The Overwatch Twitter account has confirmed that the next animated short for the FPS will debut this Wednesday, August 22nd at the staggeringly early hour of 3am PST/6am EST, which likely is more tuned for the folks who are attending this year’s Gamescom event in Germany. The short will debut on the game’s YouTube channel.

If the short happens to whet your appetite for Overwatch, you’ll also be happy to know that another free play weekend is coming as well. August 23rd through the 27th will see the FPS go free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As with other free weekend demos, the entire Overwatch experience will be available, including the Summer Games event and the newest tank hero Wrecking Ball.

Free play starts at 11am PDT/2pm EST on the 23rd and wraps up at 11:59pm PDT/2:59am EST on the 27th. If you’ve somehow missed out on the last few times Overwatch has run a free play weekend, all the details and an FAQ can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Ribbing about Overwatch’s announcement of an announcement aside, we are definitely looking forward to seeing what this new short is all about and just who the subject will be this time around. Ideally we’ll get some more specific story beats from one of the lesser-known members of the roster like Zarya, Zenyatta or Symmetra. Regardless, it won’t take too long to find out!

Source: Twitter, official site

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Absolver Goes Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

Consider this a bit of a PSA regarding the multiplayer kung fu fighting MMO-like Absolver. This weekend on Steam, PC players can hop into an Absolver free weekend as well as enjoy a 50% discount for the game if they like what they’re playing.

absolver free weekend

From Friday, August 3rd until Monday, August 6th at 10am PST/1pm EST, Absolver is absolutely free all weekend. The announcement doesn’t mention any restrictions on the free play, which means the whole Absolver experience will be open. And if you happen to be moved to continue playing after the weekend is wrapped up, the game will also be 50% off on Steam until Friday, August 10th at 10am PST/1pm PST.

The announcement of the free weekend also heralded the game’s number of free updates, 4 million owners worldwide, and the arrival of a major update this September. This new content expansion, called Downfall, will add a dungeon-like encounter for solo or multiplayer in the mines of Adal; a new combat style modeled after Bruce Lee’s famous Jeet Kune Do; a new seasonal School Challenges PvP feature; and the expected new kit to collect.

More information about Downfall can be read here.

Our Thoughts

It looks like Absolver has grown something of a cult following, but the folks at Sloclap are likely going to want to see that following grow. It will be interesting to see how things in this game have progressed since its release last year, and now certainly is the perfect time to do just that.

Sources: press release, official site

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WH40k: Dawn of War 3 Gets an Update and Free Weekend

There is a whole lot going on for Warhammer 40k-loving strategy gamers. The latest Dawn of War 3 update is offering up new Elites and new multiplayer maps, and if that’s not enough, the game is also being offered for free this weekend on Steam.

dawn of war 3 update

The Orks, Space Marines, and Eldar are all getting some new Elite units; specifically, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon, the Ironclad Dreadnought, and Wraithseer Kayduin respectively.

Those who like their Dawn of War with other players are also getting a new map each for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 multiplayer modes. Custom matches are also getting some new options with this update, including the ability to toggle Elites, Doctrines, and faction super abilities on and off at will.

If all of this sounds good to you but you’re not ready (or able) to buy in yet, a free weekend for Dawn of War 3 is available starting today, October 19th and runs all the way through Monday, October 23rd at 10am PDT. The offer is available specifically on the Steam platform.

Patch notes for the new Endless War update can be found on the Dawn of War 3 website and a trailer for the update is available below.

Our Thoughts

Once again, we love free stuff, and an entire free game is nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve been on the fence about Dawn of War 3 or perhaps hadn’t had this game on your radar, this could be your best opportunity to check out what made us enjoy it ourselves.

Source: press release

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LawBreakers Announces a Free Weekend on Steam

If news about the amount of players in LawBreakers has made you gun-shy about joining in, then perhaps a LawBreakers free weekend will help you make up your mind. The gravity-defying team-based FPS will be opening up to players on Steam over the next few days.

lawbreakers free weekend

LawBreakers is flinging open its doors to all players starting on Thursday, September 28th at 10am PDT and will remain free-to-play until Monday, October 2nd. In addition, the game is being offered at a 25% discount for the base title from now until Wednesday, October 4th. The announcement does not make mention of any restrictions between free arrivals and existing players.

A trailer showcasing LawBreakers’ brand of high-speed FPS gaming has arrived with the announcement, which you can check out below.

Our Thoughts

So either Boss Key is testing the waters on a full-on free-to-play launch or they’re doing their best to counteract negative associations with the game and its population woes. Whether this free weekend and the subsequent discount is enough to shore up the game’s player count remains to be seen, but we certainly hope that it works out; nothing is worse for online FPS games than having nobody to team with and fight against.

Source: Steam

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