Crowfall Locks Down $6M in Additional Investment

According to ArtCraft’s founders J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, Crowfall funding was always going to be about reaching out to investors as well as crowdfunding. As a result, the team was proud to announce that a fresh injection of funds is coming to the throne war MMO’s development…to the tune of $6 million.

crowfall funding

The additional investment has arrived by way of interest in ArtCraft as a result of their progress in developing Crowfall. In order to cover expansion of game content development, launch expenses, and marketing, the company approached their investors about getting a raise in funding. The investors agreed and now $6M sits in the coffers of ArtCraft.

“This means we’ll be hiring a few more people, we’ll be able to invest more in our live infrastructure and support more players; and we’ll be able to get some real attention once the game is ready,” explains the announcement. “And, of course, it means that we’ll have the time to get there!”

On the subject of development momentum, a new post has been made outlining changes to Crowfall’s crafting, including new tiers of crafting station that open up Intermediate and Advanced recipes as well as locking stations to Forts and Keeps to make holding locations more important than ever before.

Our Thoughts

That is a not-small investment for Crowfall, and considering the adjustments being made to the game’s crafting system, it’s clear that the devs are looking to put that money to good use. While the crafting changes described don’t have any sort of specific arrival date to Test or Live, at least we know what’s coming.

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