Dota 2 Announces a Gabe Newell Voice Pack

Nothing brings the excitement of a rousing round of Dota 2 quite like the vanilla monotone of Gabe Newell. Whether you find that statement hilarious or painfully true, those who get the Battle Pass are now going to be getting themselves a Gabe Newell voice pack.

gabe newell voice pack

The reveal of the new announcer pack was made during yesterday’s leg of this year’s International event in a rather amusing announcement trailer. In the video, Valve’s big boss is in the recording studio with members of the sound staff who quickly find that a simple 15-line recording session becomes a hair-pulling marathon of frustration.

The Battle Pass, as Dota 2 fans likely already know, is the primary fuel that funds The International’s immense prize pool with 25% of Battle Pass sales going into the event’s pot. At the time of this writing, the total pool sits at over $25 million, with first place getting nearly $11 million and 18th place getting just over $62,000.

You can take in the sugary, dulcet tones of Gabe Newell’s recording session in the aforementioned trailer below.

Our Thoughts

From the blank look on Newell’s face to his confusion at the concept of the number three, we have to admit that there’s a certain level of charm in both the announcement trailer and the voice lines themselves. Of course, whether the jokes inherent in this new announcer pack have staying power is entirely up to fans of the game, but it’s hard to ignore the meme factor in this piece of DLC.

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