New Online Test for Game Addiction Made Available

A group of academic researchers from universities in the UK, Germany, China, and Australia have released a new psychological test that will help you determine if you suffer from video game addiction. This test for game addiction takes just 10 minutes to complete and will help you determine where you rank for gaming disorder against others who have already taken the test.

Because gaming disorder is so new there aren’t really any metrics for if someone has gaming addiction or doesn’t. This is why the test compares you to others who have taken the test. Giving you an idea of where you fall compared to others. So, if for instance, 90% of participants have a lower score than you…that might be a good sign you have a game addiction.

The test also looks at your motivation for gaming and gives you a score on the 7 motivations they’ve selected. You can go on to do an extended version of the test that will dive even deeper into your gaming habits if you’re interested in a more detailed report.

Of course gaming disorder can only properly be diagnosed by an expert psychological counselor. This test is only intended to provide you context and perhaps encourage you to get help. It doesn’t take certain things into account that may impact the reasons you game so much like a disability.

The test is available for free online and you can find it here. We’d love to hear what you get on the test. That 90% example I gave above, that was my result. But I’m not worried. I can quit anytime.

Source: Forbes

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