Torchlight Frontiers Has Become Torchlight III

Today it was announced by Perfect World that Torchlight Frontiers has become Torchlight III. The game will be launching on Steam this summer and alpha testing for it begins on January 29th.

“When we started developing Torchlight Frontiers, we were focused on creating a shared-world experience,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Torchlight franchise. “During development, you often discover what type of product a game was meant to be and we found Torchlight Frontiers was meant to be a true successor to Torchlight I & II. Based on this and extensive feedback from our Alpha testers, we decided it was time to take the game back to its roots and model it after the classic Torchlight games that ARPG fans have come to love. We’d like to thank our dedicated player base for supporting us and providing such insightful feedback during early development.”


The game had previously been announced as a free to play title but it will be going to the premium model that Torchlight and Torchlight II had before it. In fact, this isn’t the only way in which they’re going back to the familiar way of doing things that they’ve already established. Rather than focusing on horizontal progression, the game has gone back to the familiar linear structure that Torchlight fans know and love.

They have also announced that Torchlight III will have a brand new class, though they aren’t ready to reveal what it is quite yet. There will be more information on it as the launch date approaches.

It’s always exciting when a studio listens to the feedback from their players and this is no exception. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Torchlight III.


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New Summoner’s War MMORPG Announced

Today Com2uS announced a new Summoner’s War MMORPG is coming and it will be called Summoner’s War: Chronicles. The story for the new MMO is set 70 years before the incredibly popular Summoner’s War: Sky Arena.

Players will be able to select from 3 distinctive characters and enter into real-time battles with up to 3 summoned monsters per character. Characters can share summoned monsters and resources. This allows players to make more strategic choices and experience more diversified gameplay. The game will also feature boss fights in which multiple players will have to work together with their monsters to defeat the boss.

“Summoners War: Chronicles will bring a different gameplay experience and fun to many global users who enjoy MMORPGs,” said Jack Lee, the head of division at Com2uS. “We are working hard to provide high game quality and meet the expectations of many game fans around the world.”

Right now Com2uS is aiming to have Summoner’s War: Chronicles launch sometime in the second half of this year. They are currently hiring to make that a possibility so if you’ve ever wanted to get into the games industry, this may just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information about this game as the year progresses.


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Riot Makes the Leap to Tabletop Gaming with Riot Tabletop

Not only does Riot have a new card game coming out they’re also expanding into tabletop games. They recently announced Riot Tabletop. You may remember that a few years ago they released Mechs vs Minions, well now they’re going to be making another board game. This next one is called Tellstones: King’s Gambit. It’s a bluffing game for 2 to 4 players and a Demacian variant of a game played across Runeterra. They also said in their announcement that they have a whole lot more planned.

Why are they making board games? Well, because they’re gamers. Their offices are filled with stashes of all sorts of games. So they’re taking that love of physical games to the next level.

At the moment Tellstones: King’s Gambit is the only game they’ve announced but, they’re encouraging those who are interested in staying up to date on the development of their board games to sign up to get emails from them.

Riot is also venturing into the world of publishing with Riot Forge. This will allow other studios to create games within the League of Legends universe. Already, they have announced that they have several games in development, though we don’t have any details about them just yet. This year seems like it truly is going to be THE year for Riot Games. We can’t wait to see what they end up announcing next! When we know anything more we’ll be sure to share it with you all so make sure you’re following MMOGames on social media.


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Bandai Namco Announce New MMORPG: Blue Protocol

Completely out of the blue Bandai Namco announced their new MMORPG Blue Protocol today. The game is being made by a team known as Project Sky Blue with members from Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios. The action MMORPG is being created using Unreal Engine 4 and has been announced for PC.

The only thing we really know about the story comes from a bit of text under the game’s logo. It reads “The world is on the brink of devastation, now is the time to unite. March on with friends and strangers, and defeat foes beyond your might. Travel through space and time, to change the future beyond this fight.” Some pretty heavy stuff there, though it could mean any number of things.

It should also be said that Project Sky Blue is working on other games as well. More information about Blue Protocol has been promised at a later date. It should also be said that while MMOCulture is saying it is an MMORPG other sites are calling it an ARPG. Which one it is we can’t say as we don’t have anyone who can read Japanese and no one should ever use Google Translate for business purposes.

The fact that an English press release wasn’t given does suggest that perhaps the game won’t be released in the west, at least not initially. It’s also quite interesting that this game is for PC. Bandai Namco, and indeed many other developers have jumped on the mobile bandwagon. It is good to see that people are still making multiplayer games for PC that aren’t just Battle Royale. Still, we’ll keep an eye on this story and when there is more information released you’ll be able to find it on MMOGames.


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Minecraft Earth is Taking on Pokemon Go This Summer

Have you ever been playing Pokemon Go and said to yourself “I wish this had more Minecraft in it?” Well if you have then you’re in luck, and maybe a little weird, not that we’re judging. Microsoft and Mojang have announced a new Augmented Reality game that is going to be taking the world by storm this summer, Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth will be a free to play game on Android and iOS and a closed beta is scheduled for this summer.

As you explore in Minecraft Earth you can find treasure chests, clusters of blocks, or mobs which have been given the nickname of “Tappables.” You’ll also be able to come across Adventures, which overlay a full Minecraft-like area with resources you can collect and mobs you can take out. The studio has also promised that we will see new mobs and new variants that are unique to Minecraft Earth. Of course, it wouldn’t be Minecraft if it didn’t have some building component to it. You’ll be able to find Build Plates where you can put together small environments that become life-sized when they’re placed. Best of all, there will be multiplayer, unlike a certain pocket monster game that shall remain unnamed.

If you want a chance to take part in the closed beta you can head over to the official site for Minecraft Earth and register now. As a way of saying thank you for registering so early, you’ll be able to get your hands on a free skin for Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock. If you want to know more about the game, and let’s admit it, you kinda do. Mojang has been kind enough to provide a pretty extensive FAQ that includes information about player safety amongst other things.


Source: Minecraft Earth Official Site, Gamespot

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Wargaming Announces a Next-Gen F2P MMO Shooter

Wargaming announces a next-gen F2P MMO Shooter that they’re working on with Frag Lab. They’ll be using nearly a dozen Amazon Web Services products to make the game including Amazon GameLift, and Lumberyard. Why this was mentioned and took up about half the press release announcing the project I can’t really say, but they seem to think it’s important. Or they’re using it as an ad. Either way, we’ve mentioned it and now we’re moving on to the bits people actually care about.

This is Warface, Not the newly announced game of which there are no images.

Here are a couple of quotes from Wargaming and Frag Lab about their new partnership.

“When Frag Lab approached us with their vision of what they wanted to develop, we felt that it perfectly matched our core values, and their passion was palpable,” states Shahzad Khan, Product Director, Wargaming. “We knew by combining their experience working on a successful shooter with our unrivaled free-to-play expertise, together we could bring this vision to life.”

“Having Wargaming as a publishing partner was the obvious choice for us; they have a great wealth of experience in delivering successful titles to players worldwide,” states Maxim Dembik, Frag Lab CEO. “We started this ambitious project from scratch with nothing but our collective knowledge, and this gave us the opportunity to choose any technology we wanted. We’re always looking to embrace new tech and we’re glad we did: Amazon Lumberyard is the perfect fit for our vision.”

Sadly there isn’t really much more to be said about the game right now. But the press release announcing the game does say that a public announcement which will feature more details is scheduled for later this year. So consider this your announcement of the announcement.


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New Alien MMO Shooter Announced

There is something on the scanner. It’s only a blip for now. Hard to pin down, hard to range. You know the scanner, you know the blip. That little sound as it pulses. We’ve all had that moment of tension as they get closer…. and soon they will get closer than they have been in a long time.
FoxNext confirmed a follow up to the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation. For fans who may not have heard the news on that, the next outing of Amanda Ripley will be on a phone as the game will be mobile. Who knows, maybe a reverse Pokemon Go where you have to avoid the monsters?

However in a tweet promising more followed by a press release reported on here [SAUCE], there is more to come in the Alien franchise. Cold Iron Studios, a developer staffed by a lot of former Cryptic developers who had their fingers in City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online to mention a few games, is apparently developing the new game for FoxNext. The press release calls it a massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC.
When in the chronology and universe is anyone’s guess, but you can already hear it now. The credo. The words that come so easily to mind in the voice of the late Bill Paxton. What sort of character will we play in this new Alien MMO shooter? Clearly … an ultimate badass.
Check it out, I am the ultimate badass. State of the badass art.

Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you.
Independently targeting particle beam failings. Vooap. Fry out a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phased plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic electronic hull breakers. We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks…

[Editors Note: The Press release did not promise sonic electronic hull breakers, smart missiles or nuking it from orbit. But we’re hopeful.]


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New MMORPG Announced on Christmas Day

While most of us in the Western party of the world was settling into our turkey and opening presents we missed a new MMORPG announced on Christmas Day. It’s being called Project BBQ at the moment and it was announced by Neople. It will have elements of the beloved Dungeon Fighter Online IP.

If you haven’t heard of Dungeon Fighter Online it is one of the highest grossing games of all time with more than $10 billion in revenue and more than 600 million players. It is consistently at the top of the Superdata’s PC charts in terms of worldwide revenue every month to this day. It has been live for more than 5 years at this point and is still going strong.

The new MMORPG has only been in development for a year now so it is still a ways off but on Christmas Day Nexon and Neople held a Dungeon Fighter event called Dungeon & Fighter Carnival. There they announced Project BBQ along with a Dungeon & Fighter mobile game for the South Korean audience.

Our friend over at MMO Culture has uploaded the game reveal trailer which of course looks gorgeous. They also have a few more screenshots than what we’ve included here so if this game grabs your interest be sure to check them out over there.

We don’t have any word yet on if this game will be released in the West at all, but we all have our fingers crossed hoping that they will. As we learn more about the game we will be sure to pass the news on to you.

If there was ever any doubt before it seems pretty clear now. The future of the MMORPG lies in the hands of developers in the east. Project BBQ is just one in a long line of upcoming MMORPGs currently in the works by developers in the East, mostly in South Korea.


Source: MMOCulture

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Funcom Announcing New Conan Game on Saturday

On social media, Funcom announced today that they will be announcing the new Conan game on Saturday on Twitch. The reveal will take place on a live stream in collaboration with Kinda Funny Games and Greg Miller. The showcase will begin at 10 AM Pacific time on the Kinda Funny Games showcase. Funcom has posted a countdown so you can see exactly when that will be.

This is just one of several new games that Funcom has in the works. During the third quarter report for 2018, it was revealed that they have two Conan games in the works at the moment. One is a single player game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The other is a PC game being made with Petroglyph.

In addition to the two Conan games, Funcom is also in the process of developing three other games. The first is a Heroic Signatures game, which means that the IP was created by the same person who created Conan. They also have a game that they expect to release Halloween 2019 being made with RockPocket Games. Finally, they’re working on an open world multiplayer game. As of the Q3 report, it was in the concept phase. So it is still very early days for this game.

Conan Exiles has been a huge success for the company so it really doesn’t come as any surprise that we will be getting more Conan games. Don’t forget to tune in to Kinda Funny Games this Saturday for the big reveal. If you can’t be there to watch it happen live we will have all the information available as soon as it is announced. And let us know in the comments what kind of game you’re hoping for. My fingers are crossed for Skyrim meets Conan, complete with lusty Argonians.


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Torchlight Frontiers Brings a Shared World to the ARPG Series

The popular Torchlight ARPG series is getting the MMO treatment. Perfect World Entertainment has made a Torchlight Frontiers announcement, revealing the in-development shared world action RPG for the first time in a press release and a new video.

torchlight frontiers announcement

Torchlight Frontiers comes by way of Echtra Games Inc., a new studio that is led by former Runic Games and Blizzard North co-founder Max Schaefer. The studio also counts former Diablo and Torchlight devs among its staff.

In Torchlight Frontiers, players will get to experience a shared world in the franchise’s titular setting. The game promises to provide the same features and mechanics that made the original Torchlight games well-loved by ARPG fans and combine them with a “shared, persistent and dynamically generated world.”

“Evolving the Torchlight universe into a shared world has always been a goal for the franchise, and I’m excited that we’re finally able to make it a reality,” said Schaefer in a statement. “Torchlight Frontiers will be a living, breathing universe that will still feel uniquely Torchlight, while we add our own creative spin to the game.”

Torchlight Frontiers is due to arrive to PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019. Until then, fans can sign up for beta and can also look for the MMO at both PAX West and Gamescom. There’s also an announcement trailer to watch below.

Our Thoughts

Consider us pleasantly surprised! Torchlight Frontiers certainly sounds like the right move for the ARPG franchise as the original games would definitely be more fun with more people to play alongside. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this new MMOARPG!

Source: press release

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