Kakao Games is Publishing Path of Exile in Korea

Thanks to a newly inked agreement Kakao Games is publishing Path of Exile in Korea. The game has already been released globally but, in most cases where this kind of publishing deal takes place, it is about a lot more than just publishing the game. Localization, using local currencies, and local customer support are typically the reasons we see studios working with different publishers around the world. There’s also the fact that should there be any issues with gaming laws, like those in China, having someone who is already an expert in those laws on your side is a lot better than you bumbling in and hoping everything will be ok.

Thanks to their experience with Black Desert Online as well as publishing PUBG Kakao would already have connections and local workers in Korea to take on the challenges releasing Path of Exile in Korea present.

Path of Exile is one of the top played games on Steam and is beloved by its community. Despite being 6 years old the game is still going strong and will be releasing on PS4 in just a few days. Grinding Gear Games is already working with Tencent in Mainland China and Garena in Taiwan so this isn’t the first time they’ve worked with a publisher in the East. Though Tencent does have an 80% stake in the company.

Grinding Gear Games is one of those few internationally known studios based in New Zealand. Which is where the first ever ExileCon will be taking place this November. If New Zealand is a bit too far for you to travel for a game convention, don’t worry, the entire event will be streamed for free. More details on that are expected soon.

As for Kakao’s publishing of Path of Exile in Korea, right now there isn’t a time scale that has been made public. But, it has been said that a launch schedule will be announced at a later point.


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RUMOR: Disney and Lucasfilm Seeking New Publishers for Star Wars Games

Okay. We’re going to need a lot of tinfoil for this one. Like, a lot of it. Everyone suitably wearing their hats? Good. There’s some scuttlebutt out there that seems to suggest that Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. are shopping around for new Star Wars game publishers, potentially in direct response to continued fan reaction and assumed mishandling of the franchise in EA’s hands.

star wars game publishers

According to anonymous sources, Disney and LFL execs have reportedly pulled EA “to the principal’s office” with regards to the state of the Star Wars license in the publisher’s care and have been shopping around for other publishers to handle games for Star Wars, with Ubisoft and Activision being name-dropped in the report.

The timing seems to suggest that the event in question is recent, but also references reports in November about Disney strong-arming EA’s decision to remove loot boxes from Star Wars Battlefront 2, which could mean that the search for different publishers was part of Disney’s tactics to bring EA back in line.

Incidentally, there’s word that Disney is capable of looking for alternate publishers despite having a contract with EA as a result of a clause that would let the Star Wars license change hands “if certain standards/conditions weren’t being met”. Whether the agreement between EA and Disney has such a clause has not been confirmed.

These all directly fly in the face of statements made by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during a fiscal earnings call, where he stated that EA and Disney have “a tremendous relationship” and denied reports of Disney’s attempts to step in.

It is vital to note that the sources in question were not able to provide specifics, with the only vetting of said sources being that they have been “trusted in the past”. So be sure to include some salt grains along with those tinfoil hats.

Our Thoughts

It’s not what one would consider to be the most solid of sources, but it’s also hard to ignore EA’s impact on Star Wars games in recent months, with entire world governments pointing at the publisher’s loot box practices as a means to push gambling on children and calling Battlefront 2 “a Star Wars casino”. Having an IP owned by Disney associated with harming children certainly goes against the very identity of Disney, so it’s not too off the wall that they would be displeased. If more firm details arise from this story, we’ll be sure to report them ASAP.

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