Winners of Esports Reality Show Reportedly Not Getting their Prizes

It would seem that an esports reality show has vastly overestimated the costs involved with their promised prize for its winners. According to a report, the winners of Gamerz, a reality program that sought to find the next CS:GO esports phenoms, are yet to get the professional contracts that were offered at the end of the show.

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Gamerz scouted twelve hopefuls from Scandinavia and broke them up into two teams coached by Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed and Oskar “ins” Holm. The program spanned the length of 21 days inside a compound known as the Gamerz House, where five finalists would each be offered a six-month professional contract

According to French esports news site Flickshot, nobody was offered any professional contract after their win, though two players joined the Tempo Storm squad after the BYOC tournament at Dreamhack Summer this past June. In lieu of a contract, the winners were offered 100,000 SEK or just over $12,000 US, though apparently the winners of the program are yet to be fully paid that prize as well.

Incidentally, the winning players were required to sign a contract with the show’s production company Gamingzone Entertainment AB that entitled the company to 20% of the players’ winnings over the next two years.

According to Gamingzone CEO Karl Mikael Cakste, his company has “naively underestimated the challenges that are associated with running a professional team” and are open to discussing the matter in order to “clarify and settle if anything has not been handled correctly from our side.”

As for the Gamerz show itself, it has been renewed for a second season, which is due to premiere on March 5th on Mixer and offers winners a spot in the Fnatic Academy.

Our Thoughts

Yeah, guys, that’s not fishy at all. Naiveté isn’t what one would call an ironclad defense against possible action, though it’s entirely possible that whatever contracts the winners signed might also lock them out from pursuing legal recourse. We’ll see if any other developments arise from this story.

Source: Flickshot via Dot Esports

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