Ship of Heroes’ Casey McGeever Recounts His GDC 2018

As confirmed on the game’s official forums earlier this month, Ship of Heroes was at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. Specifically CEO Casey McGeever. Now, after his return trip from the event, he’s provided a little insight into his experience, which also includes a nod towards new tech that will help the in-development superhero title.

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A post shared to the forums offers a postmortem of Mr. McGeever’s GDC experience, including his discussions with numerous industry vets such as Crowfall’s Gordon Walton. He also gave a nod to his meetup with Massively Overpowered’s Andrew Ross, who put together a great piece that covered their conversation.

As for what GDC 2018 means to Ship of Heroes, McGeever provided a couple of interesting insights. Specifically, he made mention of Unreal Engine’s update to version 4.19, which will have significant enough changes that a newsletter detailing them is in the works. He also offered a nod to a discussion with the founder and CTO of PopcornFX, which is offering some apparently exciting FX technology that will soon be introduced to Ship of Heroes.

You can get all of his earnest and candid insight on the Ship of Heroes forums.

Our Thoughts

It sounds like Mr. McGeever had a productive and enlightening time at the GDC this year! We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing more about what this new version update to Unreal Engine and what this PopcornFX tech means for Ship of Heroes.

Source: official forums via press email

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