Destiny 2 Players Manage to Glitch Their Way to Early Raid Rewards

From the very first game and its Loot Cave, the players of Destiny have a storied history of finding exploits that the devs perhaps just didn’t see coming. That proud tradition continues in Destiny 2, as players have managed to find their way into the Last Wish raid and even gotten their hands on raid loot days before the instance opens.


last wish raid

The glitch itself was discovered at the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City, where players discovered a seam in the wall that could be leapt through. With a number of deft jumps and sword-assisted movement, players could get into a part of the game that hasn’t opened yet and open a chest that spews current raid equipment.

It is important to note that this new gear doesn’t appear to be tuned to the upcoming end game power level spike. The redditor that first shared the glitch suspects that this is due to the raid not being available.

For the record, Last Wish is due to open up on Friday, September 14th at 10am PDT. Last week’s update from Bungie offered a couple of interesting tidbits for those racing for a world first clear of the raid. Korean players will be joining the race for the first time, and the fireteam that crosses the Last Wish finish line first will be getting a literal championship belt and other real-world trophies.

We’ve embedded the video showcasing how this new glitch works. It should play right at the point of the action, bypassing the usual YouTuber trap of a pointlessly drawn-out introduction.

Our Thoughts

Heh! Well, par for the Destiny course, all things considered. We expect that Bungie will be plugging this little hole soon, but at the very least these newly found pieces of kit don’t seem to be game-breaking. Whether they’ll stay at their discovered power levels or rank up once the raid opens is another matter entirely, but we expect that won’t happen. Time will certainly tell and we’ll be sure to update this story if there are any big developments.

Sources: Destiny 2 subreddit via Eurogamer, Bungie website

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