Sea of Thieves is Turning its Attention to Griefers

It’s now officially a week since Sea of Thieves released and the pirate sandbox MMO continues to work on a number of problems. Case in point: the ongoing issue with Sea of Thieves griefing such as spawn camping. And while the devs don’t have precise answers to the problem yet, they have paid attention to the issue.

sea of thieves griefing

The issue of griefing was part of the regularly updated page at the Sea of Thieves site, which continues to have rolling information on what the devs are working on and when maintenance windows will be scheduled for the game. In that page’s latest update, executive producer Joe Neate wrote a small paragraph acknowledging the matter.

“Beyond our key issues affecting players below, internally we are tracking sentiment and the top feedback issues on the game experience itself, and we are very aware of the topic of persistent player griefing (repeatedly being attacked by the same ships or players).

“We are discussing what short-term fixes we can make, and what slightly more involved fixes we will prioritise. We will share an update on this and the other top feedback points and our thoughts on them later this week.”

As of right now, the devs continue to work on making the service portion of the game operate properly. Update 1.01 is now in the wild, with related patch notes that detail all of the adjustments. The team has also put out another candid developer update video with Mr. Neate and Rare studio head Craig Duncan talking more about continued work to correct ongoing server-related issues; that video can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Well, at least they’ve acknowledged it? Though it also seems odd that the devs have only now elected to make mention about the issue when it was brought up over the course of testing previously. Regardless, we’re looking forward to hearing about what the devs have to say about griefing and other community-specific issues and what they’ll do about it.

Source: official site

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