GTA Online Opens Up the Skies and Smuggling Lanes in Next Update

Things in the air above Los Santos are about to get a lot more interesting. The arrival of GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run will introduce another new avenue of shady business for players with all new aircraft-minded gameplay and features.

gta online: smuggler's run

Smuggler’s Run sees players offered the chance to help Nervous Ron with his growing smuggling empire by taking flight in a variety of new planes including choppers and ultralights. Players will get to haul cargo and make deliveries from the air while also getting to dogfight others or even take on bombing runs according to a new gameplay trailer.

The announcement also described new gameplay for stunt racing with the addition of Transform Races. These races will test players’ ability to navigate land, sea, and air as their vehicles will automatically change to suit the course as it weaves from the road to the water to the sky. Transform Races are expected to arrive sometime in the Fall.

If you’d rather stay on the ground (or are awful at flying), updates arriving in the Fall will also include new four-wheeled vehicles and new competitive Adversary Modes. There are also plans for new seasonal events for Halloween and the Winter holidays, though no details were included in the presser.

Smuggler’s Run will lift off on Tuesday, August 29th for all platforms. You can check out the new mode’s new trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Smuggler’s Run looks like an incredible amount of fun, especially with the myriad aerial activities being offered in the update. We’re definitely looking forward to starting our own smuggling business and will prepare by working on our best Han Solo-style one-liners.

Source: press release

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