RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Working on Online Title

We’re hopping on the Good Ship Supposition to Isla Rumor to look at the elusive and deadly Tyrumorsaurus Rex…alright, I’m done. The fact remains, however, that a Guerrilla Games online title appears to be coming together, as several moves by the Horizon Zero Dawn studio seem to indicate as much.

guerrilla games online title

One of the indications of this new game comes by way of a job posting on the Guerrilla Games careers page, which is looking for a user interface programmer to help create a UI for “an epic open world game” of some sort. What’s intriguing about this job listing can be found in the “pluses” section, which lists “experience shipping network enabled code, online games” as a desired skill for the new hire.

Tied with this are other new additions to the Guerrilla Games team; most notably former Rainbow Six Siege devs Simon Larouche and Chris Lee, who both are bringing their online multiplayer experience to the developer.

Naturally, these are leaps to conclusions as Guerrilla Games has yet to make any official announcement on what their new project is. This means these developments could mean anything, from a multiplayer component to a Killzone or Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to an entirely new IP. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground for more.

Our Thoughts

Ideally, an all-new IP would be great, but a lot of the new hires made by Guerilla Games seems to be leaning to the FPS/Killzone side of things. Perhaps they’re looking to reinvigorate that franchise with some online shooting?

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