Guns of Icarus Alliance Heads to PS4 May 1

If you’re the sort who wants to be part of a ship’s crew but enjoys steampunk airships more than a sea of pirates, then you might be interested in the upcoming Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 launch, which has been announced by developer Muse Games and dated for the beginning of May.

guns of icarus alliance ps4 launch

It’s, admittedly, been a while since we last talked about this particular game, so let’s have a refersher. Guns of Icarus Alliance crews four players in a steampunk-styled airship in 32-player PvP combat or PvE skirmishes against AI. Players will take up the role of either Pilot, Engineer or Gunner, and will need to work together to keep their airship sailing and shooting.

One of the marquee features of the PS4 version of Guns of Icarus Alliance is the introduction of cross-platform play between PS4 and Steam players, including cross-platform voice chat. According to Muse Games team lead Howard Tsao, securing this feature turned out to be a lot of work, but ultimately vital.

“We knew in order to experience Guns of Icarus the correct way we had to implement [voice chat] in both the PS4 and PC versions,” said Tsao. “In Guns of Icarus Alliance a team’s successes and failures depends on their communication skills, and our voice chat allows players to become a coordinated unit, regardless of platform.”

Guns of Icarus Alliance will land on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, May 1st. Pre-orders are now open and will cost either $14.99 or $11.24 depending on if you’re a PSPlus member or not. A trailer for the release can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Awesome! We’re glad that Guns of Icarus Alliance will not only open up to more players but will let those more players play along with existing PC players. It’s not often that Sony lets people play together, so consider us pleasantly surprised!

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