Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing Kicks Off

Living World content notwithstanding, there hasn’t been a thing that’s brought more smiles to Guild Wars 2 players than the Roller Beetle mount. In celebration of the beloved critter, the Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing event has started, bringing an activity full of high-speed insects and giveaways.

guild wars 2 roller beetle racing

Roller Beetle Racing’s arrival brings five different racetracks to the world of Tyria. These are permanent fixtures to the game world, so players can continue to burn chitin as often as they want. Running these courses nets you Racing Medallions which can be turned in for cosmetics, transformation tonics, and a Mini Roller Beetle pet. Additionally, there will be roller beetle rentals at each track so everyone can get in on the action.

In celebration of the Roller Beetle Racing league’s launch, daily achievements will be available for players between now and December 25th. There are also weekly contests to win real-life prizes like Razer PC peripherals, an Alienware Aurora R7 PC and monitor, an entertainment system, and a dune buggy adventure in San Diego. Entry into any of these contests also gets you entered into a grand prize drawing for a Volkswagen Beetle wrapped in custom RBR livery.

Naturally, there are some steps and rules associated with these contests, so you’ll want to check here for all the particulars.

Our Thoughts

Wow, an actual bloody car, huh? That’s a pretty hefty prize indeed! Contests or not, we do hope that this Roller Beetle Racing event is a good time for players. Honestly, it’s hard not to glean enjoyment off of the roly-poly little fella rumbling around at high speeds.

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Guild Wars 2 Heralds the Mad King’s Return

Halloween is making its way back to Guild Wars 2 in familiar fashion. The Shadow of the Mad King 2018 has gotten new details, including its release date and what’s returning and what’s different for this year’s spooky season.

shadow of the mad king 2018

Naturally, players can expect the jumping puzzle mayhem of the Mad King’s Clock Tower and trick-or-treat farming in the Mad King’s Labyrinth, but also coming back this year is the Reaper’s Rumble PvP mode where players try to recover pumpkins and spawn skeletons to assault the base of the opposing team.

New for this year’s event is the Mad King’s Raceway, a race course built in the Reaper’s Rumble map that lets players race one another aboard the popular Roller Beetle mount. There’s also a new collection achievement for lore hounds that have completed the Living World Season 4’s third episode, which details the rivalry between King Thorin and Palawa Joko.

Finally, three new weapons designed around popular horror movie tropes are being added: The Cure, a syringe skin for the dagger weapon; a lightning rod sword skin called The Conductor; and an axe-sized butcher knife called Revenge.

The deliciously creepy event will kick off Tuesday, October 16th and will run until Tuesday, November 6th.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, the style of this event is pretty top tier, and we’re definitely glad to see something new come to this year’s festivities instead of just a retread of everything prior. Here’s to a happy Halloween in Tyria!

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ArenaNet Confirms Suspicions Regarding Gem Purchases in Belgium

Admittedly, there were a lot of blinking neon signs pointing to as much, but today ArenaNet has confirmed that the Belgian Gem purchases have been disengaged for Guild Wars 2 players in the country in order to comply with gambling laws.

belgian gem purchases

The word comes from communications manager Gaile Gray on the GW2 forums, who provided a brief yet succinct statement about the recent moves by ArenaNet:

“In order to conform to changes in Belgian law, purchases of gems, the Ultimate Edition, and the Ultimate Edition upgrade have been disabled for residents of Belgium. We are continuing to investigate more flexible solutions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our players.”

The managing of this matter is under some scrutiny by players judging by the responses to the announcement, with one player wondering if there was some legal department panic that prompted the move without advance notice and another wondering if the Belgian government addressed the devs. Still, there will likely be new Gem purchasing options for Belgian players in the coming weeks.

Our Thoughts

While we agree that more warning about this matter for Belgian players would have been nice, it’s still good to have some kind of word from ArenaNet. We definitely hope that an official workaround is deployed sooner rather than later, particularly for fans of Guild Wars 2 that were willing to get themselves some in-game shiny.

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Guild Wars 2 Gems Cannot be Bought by Belgian Players

While it’s not clear whether this is associated with the country’s recent stance on loot boxes or not, what is clear is that Guild Wars 2 Gems apparently cannot be bought by Belgian players in an unannounced change to the MMO’s monetization scheme.

guild wars 2 gems

The issue was first reported by players on the game’s forums this past Friday, but a Reddit post expanded on the issue, stating that the issues have been occurring since this past Wednesday, September 19th.

Belgian players who connect to Guild Wars 2 via VPN and try to buy Gems that way have experienced no such restrictions. In addition, the country has been completely removed from the list of billing locations from the game’s storefront on its website. All of this seems to lend weight to the idea that the country is blocking the transactions as a result of their heightened awareness of loot boxes and their relation to the country’s gambling laws.

At the time of this writing, there’s no official word from ArenaNet about the issue, but we’ll be sure to update this story if there’s any confirmation or other official announcement.

Our Thoughts

While we still agree with the many moves being made against loot boxes, we do have to wonder what this means for Belgian players and for Guild Wars 2 in the country. Presumably, there will be some new form of monetization arriving to those players so they can continue to offer their monetary support to the MMO. Details are likely to come later.

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Guild Wars 2 Debuts its Latest Living World Episode Trailer

It’s that much beloved time for many Guild Wars 2 players. It’s Living World trailer time! Once again the MMO has provided initial details on A Star to Guide Us, the latest episode in the game’s running narrative and the newest update to GW2.

a star to guide us

The trailer focuses on Aurene and hints at the looming threat of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, along with what looks like attempts by the Elder Dragon to sow some doubt in Aurene’s mind. As one would expect from a story trailer, it’s pretty vague.

The update will also offer the return of Sun’s Refuge as an upgradeable personal instance, the new Mythwright Gambit raid where players have to face the djinn Zommoros in the Mystic Forge, a new area that has been branded by Kralkatorrik called the Jahai Bluffs, and a new Legendary scepter weapon that lets players summon a familiar to accompany them in battle.

A Star to Guide Us will go live on Tuesday, September 18th. Enjoy the trailer, friends.

Our Thoughts

Oh, that’s dirty pool, Kralkatorrik. Trying to steer Aurene and make her doubt things. So dirty. Of course, we’re excited to see just what this new story and update will mean for Guild Wars 2. Bring on next week!

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Guild Wars 2 Bubble Tea Promotion Temporarily Taken Offline

So you recall that this month was meant to be a celebration of Guild Wars 2‘s sixth anniversary by way of a Kung Fu Tea promotion. Well, it appears that Guild Wars 2 bubble tea thing has gone rather pear-shaped, forcing the beverage franchise to halt the promotion for an undetermined length of time.

guild wars 2 bubble tea

An update posted on the Kung Fu Tea Facebook page has explained that the free outfit that was part of the promotion was being abused by bots claiming thousands of DLC codes at once, which taxed the system and caused a number of errors and other problems for legitimate participants.

Further muddying the matter is the revelation that this promotion is US only, a fact that was never communicated expressly in the press release we received. The only mention of as much is the following line: “Stop by any Kung Fu Tea location nationwide (emphasis ours) on September 1, 2018 to try the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight.” The company apologized in a comment reply on its Facebook page, admitting that they had not explained this fact sooner.

According to the post, those who were told by the app that they had valid codes but were unable to redeem them will be getting them in the next few days. Those who received no such message will have to wait until the promotion comes back online, which currently has no hard date.

As for ArenaNet itself, our friends at Massively Overpowered reached out for more, but the studio declined to comment.

Our Thoughts

…and this is why we can’t have nice things. It’s astonishingly unfortunate that people had to bot the heck out of a bubble tea app for free cosmetics and we hope that both ArenaNet and Kung Fu Tea can resolve the matter sooner rather than later. For our part, we also apologize that a single word in the entire presser was missed that seemed to indicate the promotion had some pretty important restrictions.

Sources: Facebook, Massively Overpowered

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Kung Fu Tea Joins In on the Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Celebration

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Guild Wars 2? Does it happen to be bubble tea? No? Well, a Kung Fu Tea promotion tied to Guild Wars 2’s sixth anniversary might just change your mind.

kung fu tea promotion

Starting in September and running through the entire month, Kung Fu Tea customers who link their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts through the Kung Fu Tea mobile app can claim unique in-game codes to download a dragon-themed character outfit. The stores themselves will also be getting into the anniversary spirit with the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight, a Guild Wars 2-themed take on the Cocoa Cream Wow beverage.

In addition, a contest is running that lets customers enter to win a Deluxe Collection of Guild Wars 2, which packs in Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, an extra character slot and a max-level boost. All that’s required to enter is to take a picture of the new GW2 drink with the hashtag #GW2xKFT and you’re in.

Our Thoughts

Huh. That’s not a cross-promotion we expected to see coming. But then again, in a world where Domino’s Pizza and Final Fantasy XIV crossed streams, we suppose that pretty much anything is possible at this point. And now we’re kind of thirsty for some of that bubble tea…

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The Festival of the Four Winds Returns to Guild Wars 2 Next Week

If you’re a fan of Guild Wars 2, then you’re very likely familiar with the Festival of the Four Winds event. Well, those same old vets and any new arrivals to Tyria can experience the summer fun once more as the event is set to return to the MMO next week.

festival of the four winds

The Festival of the Four Winds will make its way back to Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, July 24th. The event takes place at two distinct locations: the Labyrinthine Cliffs of the Zephyrites and the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach.

At the Cliffs, players can hunt for sky crystals, kick back on the beach, or take part in new races, scavenger hunts and other adventures. The location has even allowed those with the griffon mount to take wing and fly around the cliffs, and the addition of mounts and story events promise to bring new changes to the proceedings.

Meanwhile at the Crown Pavilion, players can look forward to more combat-minded events, facing swarms of enemies all at once in the Boss Blitz or taking part in one-on-one fights against various champions in the Queen’s Gauntlet.

Whatever event you take part in, you’ll be able to get Festival Tokens and Favors of the Festival to trade in for a variety of unique goodies. The event will also offer up some easy travel options for players, with hot air balloon service in each capital city and a ship to the event in Lion’s Arch.

Our Thoughts

We’re certain that players of Guild Wars 2 are going to be looking forward to these events, whether they be returning players or the newly-minted. Here’s hoping that you get all of the shiny goodies you want out of this event if you’re among those taking part.

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Guild Wars 2 Shows Off New Living World Content in New Trailer

Folks have been waiting a fair while for the next Guild Wars 2 Living World update ever since a delay was announced. Now, fans of the MMORPG have the episode Long Live the Lich announced, along with a release date and a pretty spectacular mount that will likely make everyone feel better about the wait.

long live the lich

Long Live the Lich will once more see Palawa Joko return in the game’s story beats, along with some new content in the form of the roly-poly Roller Bettle mount pictured above, a new Fractal dungeon called Deepstone, a new Legendary warhorn weapon, and a new map to dash around in.

All of the undead, beetle-steering, Fractal exploring fun of Season 4 Episode 3 will arrive as a free update to Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, June 26th. The trailer for the new content can be seen embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Joko is sassy. The new warhorn looks like the most ridiculous of tubas. And the Roller Bettle mount is a very good boy who likes to go fast and is very kindly taking you along for the ride. Seems like a pretty good content update to us! Here’s hoping the wait was worth it for fans of Guild Wars 2 and they enjoy everything this next patch has to offer.

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Next Living World Episode of Guild Wars 2 is Being Delayed

Have you been looking forward to the next Living World Season Four episode in Guild Wars 2? It looks like your wait is going to have to be a while longer yet, according to an alert shared on the game’s official forums by director Mike Zadorojny.

living world season four episode

According to the announcement from Zadorojny, self-imposed quality standards are preventing S4E3 from landing on time with the team’s usual update cadence.

“With the amount of gameplay and breadth of content in Living World, we noticed that we had an opportunity to make some adjustments to how we approach developing each episode that will help us hit our quality standards more consistently. his logistical change has had some short-term ‘cost’ in time, but will provide benefits to all Living World episodes moving forward.”

Naturally, there’s no firm release date for the new episode yet, but players can certainly expect announcements out of the team the moment launch is close.

Our Thoughts

Well, interesting development, this. Considering this will also mean that additional developments of the Living World will come out higher quality, this will ultimately mean better things for the development of Guild Wars 2, even if it’s short-term bad news for those looking forward to episode 3.

Source: official forums

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