15 Additional PUBG Hackers Arrested and Fined

The seemingly Sisyphean effort to stop PUBG hackers has made at least a little bit of progress recently. According to information shared on the game’s Steam page, another 15 suspects are under arrest for developing and selling cheating programs which not only helped players win PUBG matches, but also were used to steal user data.

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The arrest took place on April 25th and saw what were described as “major suspects” taken into custody for distributing the malicious software. According to the quote included in the post, the suspects currently are facing fines of $5.1 million, while other suspects related to the case are still under investigation.

Some of the programs in question contained a Huigezi Trojan horse virus that also let users of the program control infected PCs, scan the infected PC’s data, and illegally extract whatever information was discovered.

PUBG Corp once more reiterated its continued development on ways to prevent hackers and cheaters in its game, including upgraded security measures and work on anti-cheat functions in addition to working with multiple law enforcement partners. “We’ll continue to crack down on hacking/cheating programs (and their creators) until our players are free to battle it out in a totally fair environment,” closes the post.

Our Thoughts

What impact these arrests will have on the greater issue of PUBG cheaters isn’t immediately clear and likely won’t be clear for a fair bit of time. That said, calling said suspects “major” could mean that the head of one of many snakes may indeed be cut off. Unless, of course, it’s less a snake and more of a hydra, which case the problems will double for PUBG.

Source: Steam

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