Turtle Beach Confirms Fortnite-Compatible Headsets for Nintendo Switch

As many people found out when the shooter first arrived to the system, the Nintendo Switch edition of Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t require the use of Nintendo’s pretty unwieldy app setup to work. With that in mind, a line of Turtle Head headsets are ready to go for Nintendo Switch users right out of the box along with the arrival of two new models.

turtle beach headsets

Several of the company’s already-released headsets are now capable of working with Fortnite’s native voice chat on Nintendo Switch, granting players of the game some expanded audio options. In addition, Turtle Beach unveiled two new models: the Recon 200 and the Stealth 300 models, both with features like flip-to-mute mics and memory foam ear cushions.

As CEO of Turtle Beach, Juergen Stark is, understandably, pretty excited about Epic Games’ decision to introduce its own VoIP system in-game. “Epic’s bold move seemingly opens the doors for developers of future online multiplayer titles coming to Nintendo Switch to follow their lead and implement in-game chat systems, which is great news overall for Nintendo, for Turtle Beach, and most importantly…for gamers,” said Stark in a statement.

For those who are interested in the newer shinies being offered by Turtle Beach, the Recon 200 will arrive sometime this fall, while the Stealth 300 is expected in July.

Our Thoughts

We do expect – or rather, we hope – that other game devs will take Epic’s lead here and try to incorporate their own voice chat systems in their games where possible. Because, seriously, Nintendo’s default setup is just…not great.

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