MapleStory 2 Begins its Head Start

Those who have been extremely eager to get started on their MapleStory 2 adventures to the point they spent money on the MMO are being rewarded. Today marks the MapleStory 2 head start launch, which arrives with a pretty beefy patch for the adorable MMO.

maplestory 2 head start launch

According to the patch notes posted ahead of head start, a number of updates have been made to MapleStory 2 thanks to feedback from the first closed beta tests. Among these adjustments are overhauled XP gains, tweaks to level 50 dungeon difficulties and rewards for better horizontal progression, and the addition of Gemstones among other changes.

Also of note is the removal of the PvP Arena for an indeterminate length of time while the devs fine-tune the feature. “There were many players who liked and disliked the system, with how equipment factors into the PvP, and we’re looking to see if we can factor in the option of both sides in our next iteration,” explain the patch notes.

Head start for MapleStory 2 should be available once today’s maintenance concludes at approximately 1pm EDT, so that means it should be all wrapped up by the time you’re reading this. If not, or if you’d like to preempt yourself while the patch downloads, you can look over the head start notes.

Our Thoughts

There’s not a whole lot to say that doesn’t appear to be covered in these patch notes other than we suspect players will have…feelings…about the closure of the PvP Arena. For now, we hope that this MMO’s head start launch goes about as smoothly as these things can. Which means it’ll likely be bumpy.

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Bless Online’s Head Start Access Kicks Off with Server Problems

For those of who’ve lived through any number of launches, this is one of those “water is wet” sort of news stories. Bless Online head start access for those who bought Founder’s Packs has gotten off to a rather bumpy start with a few server restarts required to try and get things stable.

bless online head start access

Early access officially kicked off this past Monday, May 28th at roughly 10am EST. Shortly after that, the servers shut down as a result of high player populations, with another three periods of maintenance following through yesterday and today.

If, for some reason, that gets into your craw enough that you’re demanding your money back, then it’s worth noting that the $40 package can only be refunded according to the details on the game’s Steam page. That said, readers of Massively Overpowered have reported that even the higher-tier bundles were getting refunded.

Meanwhile, a letter from the game’s producer provided information about what to expect out of early access (including infrastructure problems), some in-game events to mark the occasion, and promises of new updates including additional classes, dungeons, battlefields, and world events among other features. You can read up on all the details here.

Our Thoughts

So, yeah, basically like every other early access/online game launch in the history of the genre. With all of that said, we’re hoping that the next wave for the game’s official early access release isn’t quite so rocky…but we’re also not holding our breath.

Sources: Steam, Massively Overpowered

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