Overwatch Continues the Hero 27 Breadcrumb Trail

When we first reported on the starting clues leading to an Overwatch Hero 27 reveal, we sort of figured that maybe the Turkish-born Emre Sarioglu was a bit too on-the-nose but also possibly the new roster add. Looks like that might be a red herring as some new posts seem to indicate Torbjorn’s daughter, Bridgette, will be the next roster addition. Maybe.

overwatch hero 27

The first clue leading in this direction was shared on the 24th of February, which provided a lore link to a letter penned by Torbjorn to his wife Ingrid after the ambush in Turkey. In the letter, Torbjorn mentioned offering to let Reinhardt name his then-unborn daughter if it would shut him up from recounting their rescue.

Yesterday, a new image was shared on Twitter of a weapon schematic along with a possible new voice line for the character. The mace has component names in what looks to be both German and Swedish and could almost be considered a merging of Reinhardt’s hammer and Torbjorn’s forge hammer, inspired by the heroism of both Bridgette’s father and the man who saved her father’s life.

Once more, though, this is all wild assumption. Still fun, though.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so Emre isn’t it. Or maybe this is a weapon made for Emre to wield? Ah, we’re not very good at these guessing games, clearly. Of course, we’ll be sure to keep waiting for new clues arise for the next Overwatch hero and likely leave the Sherlock’ing to those who are more clever.

Sources: official site, Twitter

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