Overwatch Possibly Teases Hero 28

Well, we were pretty right in that the wall from the previous tease was full of red herrings. Overwatch Hero 28 might have been teased by the game’s Twitter account with a surprising arrival.

That looping short video is what we’ve got this time around, as the wall from the prior reveal seems to indicate that the next piece of Overwatch content isn’t a map but just a backdrop for the game’s next hero, who is apparently capable of turning into a giant metal ball and rolling around the map.

Prevailing speculation seems to be that this next hero will be Hammond, the missing Experiment 28 from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Supporting this theory is an update to the in-game map of the same name that now lets players into Hammond’s room for the first time, which houses within some blueprints for a spheroid escape pod.

Additionally, an advertisement poster from inside the Junkertown map makes reference to a mech called Wrecking Ball, declaring it the champion of a mech gladiatorial event of some sort. Whether this means this roly-poly new hero is this Wrecking Ball, or if Hammond spent some time fighting in this pit using a modified escape pod as a suit of armor is up for all sorts of speculation.

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Sources: Twitter, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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