Sombra and Torbjorn Are the Next Overwatch Hero Reworks

It looks like the folks at Overwatch have been bitten by the complete character retooling bug. According to a couple of exclusive interviews with Geoff Goodman over at VG247, Sombra and Torbjorn reworks are coming down the pipe and they sound pretty significant.

sombra and torbjorn reworks

In two discussions with lead designer Geoff Goodman, it was revealed that the two heroes are next in line for some big tweaks in an incoming patch, though whether these reworks will arrive together or in separate patches wasn’t fully elaborated on as development is ongoing. That said, we’re getting a clearer picture of what the new Sombra and Torb are looking like.

Sombra will be getting indefinite invisibility in this update, allowing her to more readily set herself up for situational plays without having to wait for the stars to align or stare at cooldowns. She won’t be able to capture points, build Ultimate charge or attack while stealthed, however, meaning she still has to harass the opposing team.

If you’re concerned about this meaning a beefier Sombra, perhaps don’t worry; Goodman noted that playing against her feels much the same as it always has. “She kind of felt the same, she just kind of pops out and does her thing,” reasons Goodman. “You don’t really get the feeling she’s been there the whole time – from your perspective she doesn’t feel hugely different or hugely more powerful.”

sombra and torbjorn reworks

As for Torbjorn, his adjustments are significantly more radical. For one, his turrets can now be thrown at about the same distance as Tracer’s Pulse Bomb and deploy at level two; no hammering required.

Torb’s Ultimate is also up for some major adjustments, with Molten Core either becoming a regular ability or getting the axe entirely. “We may end up with a completely different ultimate at this point because it ties up too much of his power, but that’s still very much in flux so it’s hard to say,” remarked Goodman. “As of now, I think we’ve decided to move away from Molten Core entirely.”

In both cases – and especially Torbjorn’s – further development is still ongoing, so it’s best to wait until there’s a PTR build at some point down the line.

Our Thoughts

Without question, Torbjorn has been long overdue for a redesign. Even moreso than Symmetra, arguably. We’re definitely interested in seeing how the final adjustments to both him and Sombra end up, and are even more intrigued to see how players react and utilize these new forms.

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