Torbjorn Gets Retooled in Overwatch

Torbjorn, as a machinist and builder, is likely always looking to improve his kit so a Torbjorn rework is pretty much not an unexpected development. Overwatch has tapped Torbjorn as the next hero to be rejiggered and tested on the shooter’s PTR.

torbjorn rework

As with other character reworks, Torbjorn’s abilities have either been tweaked or entirely changed. Of particular note is the fact that his turrets are deployable and no longer have levels to worry about. Additionally, a shot from Torb’s Rivet Gun will set the turret to attack the tagged target. The tradeoff is that the turret now has slightly less health and its deployment has some cooldown changes.

In addition, Torb’s Armor Pack ability has been replaced with a self-buff called Overload and his Rivet Gun’s primary and secondary fire has seen several changes. Another significant change is to Molten Core, which now empowers his robotic arm with the ability to fire 10 globs of molten slag that create damaging pools on the ground. These pools deal high damage to regular enemies and significantly more damage to enemies with armor.

The adjusted Torb has made his way onto the PTR, along with a number of changes to Pharah, Soldier 76, Brigitte, McCree, Mei and Orisa. There’s also a developer update video from Jeff Kaplan discussing all of these changes as well as confirming the return of Halloween, which you can see below if you somehow missed it before.

Our Thoughts

We’re not sure these adjustments will make Torbjorn rise in the tier list, but they certainly can’t hurt. The adjustment to his Ultimate will definitely make things significantly more interesting in particular. We’re looking forward to seeing how people take to these changes.

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