Bruce Lee Joins Heroes Evolved Lineup

As of today, you’ll be able to play as one of the most famous martial artists of all time as Bruce Lee joins Heroes Evolved. You’ll be able to find him and his alternate skin in the game now and they’re holding a special in-game event to celebrate his arrival. This event has server wide rewards and all you have to do to earn them is play the game. As your server advances you’ll unlock free heroes, boosts, skins, and more.

Bruce Lee joins Heroes Evolved as a playable character.

This marks the first time Bruce Lee has been represented in the MOBA genre. Though he has been represented in other games before, both officially and unofficially. This is an official partnership between the creators of Heroes Evolved and Bruce Lee, LLC which is owned and operated by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. R2Games, the creators of Heroes Evolved have said that Bruce Lee is the first in what they intend to be a series of recognizable playable characters from other properties. In a way, this sounds like R2Games are trying to go the Heroes of the Storm and MXM route, but using other properties instead of their own. What the partnership leads to in the future and what other partnerships come next will be very interesting to watch.

In addition to Bruce Lee joining Heroes Evolved R2Games revealed live streaming has been integrated into Heroes Evolved. Now you’ll be able to stream to Youtube, Twitch, and Bigo Live directly from the in-game UI. This is especially useful as Heroes Evolved is only available on iOS and Andriod.

Heroes Evolved Screenshot

Heroes Evolved is a 5v5 mobile MOBA, though it is most commonly referred to as an online arena game. It’s fast-paced and offers multiple modes. A new 7v7 mode has also been announced. It is expected to be released in a patch in the near future.

Later this month they will be hosting the Heroes Evolved HEC Asia finals during the E-Sports & Gaming Summit in Manila. Two teams remain from the original pool of 898. This is the second of four regional tournaments for Heroes Evolved that will be taking place around the world. The first took place in South America last week. European and North American tournaments will be coming as well. R2Games intends for these to become yearly events. With nearly 900 teams registering for the Asia finals and more than 350 for South America the interest is clearly there.

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