Heroes Global Championship Announces Changes for 2018

Just because the first year of the HGC went well doesn’t mean the Heroes of the Storm-centered esports event is resting on its laurels. The Heroes Global Championship 2018 is going to see more than a few tweaks to league structure, team ownership, and even its broadcast quality.

heroes global championship 2018

First and foremost, broadcasts of the next HGC will improve, with 1080p resolution and 60FPS gameplay featured. In addition, the HGC North America and HGC Europe broadcasts will have multiple language support on all Blizzard-owned channels through the year. A list of supported languages will be offered near the start of the 2018 season.

2018’s league arrangement will feature an even spread of 32 teams across China, Europe, North America, and Korea. Regional battles will run for ten weeks until the Mid-Season Brawl, with a five week break for the Eastern and Western Clashes. After that, another ten weeks of competition will determine who makes it to the HGC Finals.

If you happen to support a squad from South America or an Oceanic territory, don’t worry: Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan will have their own dedicated competition to see who will head to the Mid-Season Brawl and the Finals as well. Eastern and Western Wild Card events will help decide which squad punches their ticket.

Team ownership and oversight will also be different in 2018, as identified team owners will work with the HGC office directly to manage specifics of operations, leaving competitors to focus on the game itself.

HGC 2018 is due to kick off on Friday, January 26th. Fans can expect to see returning teams such as Fnatic and L5, as well as look forward to more details in the coming months.

Our Thoughts

What this essentially means for fans is that the 2018 season of HGC should be more focused, more streamlined, and better-looking than it was last year. We’re definitely eager to see who will take the Heroes of the Storm crown next year!

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