Brightwing, Kerrigan and Garden of Terror Updates Arrive to HotS PTR

Things are changing once more in Heroes of the Storm as the Blizzard MOBA readies a number of adjustments. Specifically, Brightwing and Kerrigan updates are on the docket along with updates to the Garden of Terror battleground.

brightwing and kerrigan updates

Kerrigan’s updates seek to improve the character’s lethality and improve her kit, such as her Q ability Ravage now having less range but two charges and getting some potent new talents. Changes to Brightwing are looking to improve her playmaking potential, with her Soothing Mist now having an on-demand debuff cleanse with the press of the D key and improvements to her Phase Shift ability.

As for Garden of Terror, the devs are hoping their reworks will remove a number of frustrations associated with the battleground. The map now has mechanics similar to the Cursed Hollow map, where teams must fight to claim a total of three seeds to spawn three Plant Terrors that will push towards the winning team’s lanes until they’re taken out or destroy the target’s Core.

Finally, the Fall of King’s Crest event that we reported on yesterday has gotten its details page posted online. You can take in all of that information at this link.

All of these updates are wrapped up into a single patch now live on the MOBA’s PTR. Patch notes are found here, or if you missed the spotlight videos for these updates earlier in the month, you can look at the Kerrigan video here, the Brightwing video here, and the Garden of Terror video here.

Our Thoughts

All in all these updates sound positive to us, and while Garden of Terror isn’t exactly rocking the boat with its rework mechanics-wise, it probably will still end up being a net positive for players of the MOBA.

Source: press release

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