How Amazon Can Foster PvE in New World

Amazon’s New World is one of the more promising new MMOs to be announced in recent years, but from the start it’s been bogged down by worries it will have nothing to offer the PvE player. Initially, it sounded like a pure PvP game; now they seem to be spending more time hyping its PvE aspects, but we still don’t have a clear picture of how the balance will work out in practice. Let’s look at some of the things Amazon could do to foster PvE in New World.

A party of characters ready to pursue PvE in New World.We know the PvP will be optional, seemingly with some kind of a toggle system that will allow players to opt out. That’s a great start, but we don’t really know how viable PvE play will be. If all of the best rewards are only available through PvP then PvE players will be left begging for scraps and probably lose interest quickly.

If Amazon really wants to foster PvE in New World, they need to make meaningful progression for PvE players. It doesn’t need to be perfect parity with PvP in all areas, but there should be options for the monster-slayers among us to have rewards that feel satisfying and attainable.

Something that particularly concerns me right now is housing. Housing seems to be tied to PvP territorial wars, and I think I speak for a lot of PvE players when I say I don’t want the existence or affordability of my in-game home to be beholden to warring factions. I’d accept a smaller or limited home if it meant I could also have safety and stability, regardless of what guild is presently ascendant.

Something else that’s important for PvE in New World to flourish is for the PvE content to actually be fun and engaging. It can’t just can be picking flowers and mindlessly mowing down trash mobs.

PvE could be a great way to flesh out the intriguing lore of the setting of Aeternum. Being more of a sandbox title, I don’t expect New World to be flush with story quests, but there’s still room for occasional narrative adventures, or perhaps environmental puzzles to uncover snippets of lore about the previous failed colonization attempts of Aeternum.

World bosses could also be a great option for PvE in New World. It doesn’t seem like a game where an emphasis on instanced dungeons and raids would make much sense, but open world boss fights similar to those of Guild Wars 2 would be an excellent option to give PvE players an interesting endgame beyond simply farming.

Something like this has already been announced in the form of world events called Corrupted Breaches, in which players face hordes of monsters warped by the magic of Aeternum, so it seems Amazon may be on the right track.

It’s still too early to say with certainty how well PvE in New World will be handled, but the fact that Amazon has already done such a good job of listening to feedback and providing options for PvE players as well as more competitive types is, in this writer’s opinion, a very positive sign, and as a PvE player myself, I feel a cautious but growing optimism toward the game.

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Grimmwood Steam Game Giveaway

Grimmwood, previously known as Grimm Forest, is a dark fantasy social game which seamlessly blends elements of survival, roguelike and exploration games into a thrilling, engaging whole. You are a resident of a small village in the middle of a mystical forest, but life in this magical place is no fairy tale; at least, not one of the fun, cute ones. Every night, merciless monsters emerge from the forest and unleash their wrath on the village and its inhabitants! If you hope to save your hole, you and your fellow villagers must fight them off, standing fast night after night, and now is your chance to join them for free! Enter the Grimmwood Steam Game Giveaway now for your chance to win a free copy of Grimmwood on Steam, a $14.99 USD value, for free!

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Grimmwood Steam Game Giveaway

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Solve a Mystery Together in Co-Op Horror Game The Blackout Club

When it comes to working through a horror mystery, it’s best to try not to go into it alone. That’s the thinking behind The Blackout Club, a newly-revealed co-op horror title where players can team up to uncover the secrets lurking just beneath the surface of their otherwise quiet town.

blackout club

In The Blackout Club, players take on the role of a teenager who wakes up every morning with mysterious scratches and mud but no memory of what happened before. As entire days get lost, a society of others who suffer similar episodes band together to investigate a series of underground tunnels, capture evidence, and find a missing friend, all while avoiding a group of adults who want to eliminate them.

Players are tasked with avoiding these mysterious new arrivals while recording videos of the conspiracy without being discovered. The game promises a richly simulated world with numerous obstacles and that each night’s investigation won’t play the same way twice.

The Blackout Club will release in 2019 on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, with plans for a closed beta at some point in the near future. Interested players can head to the official website or check out the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Two of our staff members have already called dibs on being the Scooby and Shaggy of the group, so nobody else is allowed to take up those roles, okay? On topic: while this doesn’t exactly hit the “massive” part of multiplayer gaming, it’s in the periphery and has a unique enough angle to it that our interest is certainly piqued. We’re looking forward to learning more about this interesting take on co-op gaming!

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