Heroes of the Storm Brings King’s Crest Event and a New Comic

Heroes of the Storm has brought along its latest update from PTR to live. The King’s Crest event is now playable in the MOBA for really reals alongside a comic book that helps build some of the lore reasons for this particular conflict.

king's crest event

Alongside the already elaborated upon update, this update has prompted the third comic in the ongoing Raven Lord storyline that links up with this in-game event. There’e even a documentary outlining how Blizzard puts together comics for its games.

In addition to this new event, the update brings reworks to Kerrigan and Brightwing online, adds the adjusted version of the Garden of Terror battleground, and kicks off the MOBA’s fourth ranked season of play. This season of ranked is a little different in that Team League now allows for parties of all sizes, including solo players.

Finally, HotS has unveiled its digital goodies for this year’s BlizzCon: the Nexus Razorgrin mount, a Razorgrin spray, and a BlizzCon 2018 banner, all of which are available in-game today for ticket holders. A video showcasing these goodies can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

A beefy update indeed for Heroes of the Storm. There’s really not an awful lot more to say about this update beyond wishing those who are playing Blizzard’s MOBA the best of luck in ranked and hope they all have fun in-game.

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Brightwing, Kerrigan and Garden of Terror Updates Arrive to HotS PTR

Things are changing once more in Heroes of the Storm as the Blizzard MOBA readies a number of adjustments. Specifically, Brightwing and Kerrigan updates are on the docket along with updates to the Garden of Terror battleground.

brightwing and kerrigan updates

Kerrigan’s updates seek to improve the character’s lethality and improve her kit, such as her Q ability Ravage now having less range but two charges and getting some potent new talents. Changes to Brightwing are looking to improve her playmaking potential, with her Soothing Mist now having an on-demand debuff cleanse with the press of the D key and improvements to her Phase Shift ability.

As for Garden of Terror, the devs are hoping their reworks will remove a number of frustrations associated with the battleground. The map now has mechanics similar to the Cursed Hollow map, where teams must fight to claim a total of three seeds to spawn three Plant Terrors that will push towards the winning team’s lanes until they’re taken out or destroy the target’s Core.

Finally, the Fall of King’s Crest event that we reported on yesterday has gotten its details page posted online. You can take in all of that information at this link.

All of these updates are wrapped up into a single patch now live on the MOBA’s PTR. Patch notes are found here, or if you missed the spotlight videos for these updates earlier in the month, you can look at the Kerrigan video here, the Brightwing video here, and the Garden of Terror video here.

Our Thoughts

All in all these updates sound positive to us, and while Garden of Terror isn’t exactly rocking the boat with its rework mechanics-wise, it probably will still end up being a net positive for players of the MOBA.

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Heroes of the Storm Announces Fall of King’s Crest Event

Another special event in Heroes of the Storm has been teased by the MOBA for the past couple of days, but now we’ve gotten our first information of just what’s going on. The Fall of King’s Crest event will dress up several heroes in the regalia of the Raven Lord as the headlining feature of this new piece of content.

fall of king's crest event

Details are a bit scant at the time of this writing, but it appears this new event will operate much the same as previous ones where players can follow quest chains to unlock a variety of rewards such as mounts, emotes, portraits, skins and more. The end of the quest chain will also let players choose their final reward from two options.

On the skin side of things, several heroes have been re-imagined as generals for the Raven Lord. Whitemane, Zarya, Maiev, and Alexstrasza are all getting some swanky new looks as these formidable foes in the game’s overarching canon.

Details on this new event are likely due on the game’s official website soon, but for now there’s a trailer with a look at all the new pretties below.

Our Thoughts

As usual, those new skins are pretty damn impressive looking. We’ve said it a few times before, but we really do love how Heroes of the Storm is unafraid of playing around with the established lore of several existing characters. Ideally, we’ll continue to see more story-focused content like this in the near future.

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Heroes of the Storm Details Mephisto and Reworked Hanamura

The Lord of Hatred from the Diablo universe is coming to the Nexus. Heroes of the Storm has officially confirmed its latest Assassin Mephisto with the usual in-depth look on the game’s website and in video form.


Mephisto is a ranged Assassin character who excels in putting out sustained AoE damage to multiple targets while also being able to evade CC abilities. His latent trait, Lord of Hatred, decreases the cooldown of all of his skills with every target hit, which links nicely into the fact that all of his attack abilities do something bad to everything nearby.

As for CC avoidance, that’s where his Shade of Mephisto Heroic ability comes into play. This basic ability teleports Mephisto to a targeted location, deals damage in a small PBAoE burst, and creates a Shade that he ports back to after 2.5 seconds. Mephistot will even return to his Shade’s location if he is stunned or incapacitated.

Of particular note among Mephisto’s Talents is Shade Lord, which provides a significant upgrade to Shade of Mephisto, adding every level 7 Talent to the ability. This means Shade of Mephisto will slow enemies and grant Mephisto himself added armor and speed.

In addition, Heroes of the Storm has offered a breakdown of updates to the Hanamura map, which was pulled from the game for a bit of tinkering. These tweaks include a single payload among other changes, which are outlined in this video. You can also get a closer look at Mephisto’s abilities at either his hero page or in the spotlight video below.

Our Thoughts

Mephisto absolutely looks like one of the more aggressive members of the Assassin roster, so we suspect locking him down before he can disrupt multiple targets will be key. As for Hanamura, we hope these new changes will make the map more appealing to players of the MOBA.

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Heroes of the Storm Slips On Lucha Libre Masks for Nexomania

What happens when you combine the charisma of lucha libre wrestling with a MOBA? You get Heroes of the Storm Nexomania, the upcoming event arriving to the Nexus that will see several characters don colorful luchador masks and introduce other thematic goodies.

heroes of the storm nexomania

Nexomania will add several unique skins for Lunara, Sonya, Garrosh, Diablo, E.T.C., and Kharazim, with most of them sticking to the luchador theme. Nexomania is also introducing new mounts in the form of a chihuahua wearing a lucha libre mask, a boar-shaped pinata, and a shark blob…thing. There are also a number of new portraits and sprays.

Finally, Nexomania will introduce a new quest that pits La Parca Lunara against La Pantera Sonya. Players pick a side in the quest and unlock a number of seasonal awards for their chosen brawler. However, players are warned that picking their side is final.

Nexomania will run wild between Tuesday, May 22nd and Monday, June 11th. A trailer for the event can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Yea, makes sense to bring a bit of pro wrestling into the mix of a MOBA. At least in terms of pure theatrics, anyway. Honestly, anything that can make Garrosh Hellscream seem like a more interesting character is a feat.

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Heroes of the Storm Brings 2018 Changes to PTR

The devs behind Heroes of the Storm are granting players the opportunity to look into the future. Unfortunately, there will be no DeLoreans involved in the trip. You’ll simply have to hop into the MOBA’s PTR to take a look at (and test) what Heroes of the Storm 2018 changes will look like.

heroes of the storm 2018 changes

The updates that will be available on the new PTR build include the increased camera height angle; updated Stealth visuals; updates to Regeneration Globes and Towers; and updates to Battleground Objective timers in order to better refine the early game.

The build will feature changes to Minions and Mercenaries including changes to Mercenary respawn timers, Siege Giants, Hellbat Camps, Knight Camps, and Sapper Camps. There will also be a version of the performance-based matchmaking system up for testing, but that will be applied next week.

On the subject of the PTR’s timing, this round of testing will run for three weeks, starting now and ending on Monday, December 11th. If you’re interested to see what will be different come 2018, you can take a look at the PTR patch notes.

Our Thoughts

We are most curious to learn how players take to these changes, particularly those that affect the early stages of a match. If you’ve had any amount of time in the HotS PTR recently, feel free to share your input below.

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