Housemarque Admits Stormdivers Battle Royale Unlikely to be a Success

Stormdivers is one of those Battle Royale titles we’ve been following since it was first announced and we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear more about, we just didn’t think this would be the next thing we heard. Housemarque, the developers of Stormdivers has admitted they don’t think the Battle Royale game will be a success. CEO Ilari Kuittinen spoke to VG247 at Reboot Development this weekend where he said that competition from games like Apex Legends, being slower to market than rivals, and a lack of funding mean Stormdivers isn’t in a strong position to succeed.


When Stormdivers was announced many of us in the MMOGames office thought it was too little too late. When Apex Legends came out the question was once again, where is Stormdivers?
According to the VG247 article Stormdivers was pitched internally in 2013 and when they took it to external partners the Battle Royale genre didn’t exist yet.
“The problem is with us we always have to change our idea. We originally thought that the game would be a premium game but now it should be free to play. And do we have enough content to do that? I don’t know,” he admitted. “We’re kind of a bit short of money to fully realise what we want to do as a launch edition of the game. We’ll see. It is tough. Whether we’re going to succeed, it’s unlikely because of the tough competition.”
We also learned thanks to this interview that Housemarque has about 15 developers working on Stormdivers right now. They have an additional 60 staff members working on another, not yet announced title that already has a publisher attached.
While the studio hasn’t given up completely on Stormdivers completely it looks like the future isn’t too bright for the game. It is currently in beta and playable every 4-6 weeks for those who have been invited. But with only 15 people developing the game it sounds like it will be a long time before we see the finished product if we do at all.

Source: VG247

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