Neverwinter Looks Back at Five Years in Infographic and Video Form

There are two irrefutable laws when it comes to MMOs celebrating major milestones. One: you throw a big ol’ in-game bash; and two: you have a self-reflective infographic. Thus, we present neat numbers from the Neverwinter anniversary infographic that’s been shared with us.

neverwinter fifth anniversary infographic

With five years under its belt and a reported nearly 18 million adventurers enjoying the fantasy realm of the MMO across all platforms, the devs have put together the usual assortment of numerical trivia along with a video looking back at the game’s early life.

Among those interesting numbers is 6.5 million dragons slain by players; Trickster Rogues being the most popular class, with Great Weapon Fighters a close second; and over 14k copies of Drizzt Do’urden created in the game.

“Working with Wizards of the Coast to bring the Forgotten Realms to life has been a dream for many of us,” remarked Cryptic Studios CEO Stephen D’Angelo. “Watching the game grow beyond what we imagined with so much support from our players has been incredible. I’d like to thank the team and our community for making Neverwinter what it is today.”

As for that infographic, here it is:

neverwinter fifth anniversary infographic

And that video looking back can be seen in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

That’s WAY too many Drizzt’s. But more to the point, we want to once again with the developers of Neverwinter a happy fifth anniversary. Now, let’s bring on Ravenloft! ????

Source: press release

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Dauntless Open Beta Infographic Boasts 90k New Arrivals Daily

The co-op action RPG Dauntless has seen its way through the tumultuous storm of its initial launch to apparent great success. A Dauntless open beta infographic has put things into perspective, citing interesting trivia and boasting a large number of players.

dauntless open beta infographic

According to the data pulled from Phoenix Labs’ magic hat, open beta for Dauntless currently has nearly 900k players with an average of over 90k new players joining in on the hunt daily. Among those Slayers, over 18 million have been downed, while over 5 million successful hunts have been earned.

Other interesting factoids put together in the infographic include the length of distance players have collectively dodge-rolled, the number of guilds formed in-game, and the amount of potions players have gulped down during their fights. You can check out the complete infographic below.

Our Thoughts

That is a LOT of Slayers! We’d like to offer some hearty congratulations to the team at Phoenix Labs for their work on Dauntless and a successful soft launch of the game. We’re looking forward to further updates and more monsters to knock around soon!

Source: MMOBomb

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Esports Industry in 2018 by the Numbers

Over the last few 2017 business review articles, we’ve covered just about every topic possible. That is with the exception of esports. Well, now we’re fixing that by taking a look at how much the esports scene has grown, who the top gamers are, and more. This is MMOGames’ look at the esports industry in 2018.

The infographics used in this article were created by Filmora. The data was collected by NewZoo, Business Insider, and a number of esports dedicated sites. To make it easier to read we’ve broken the larger infographics up into individual segments. Not only does this make it easier to look at the data it means we can talk about each part one at a time.

If you’d like to read more about the state of the games industry in 2017, including top-selling games, revenue, and who is playing, I encourage you to check out the articles that have come before this one:

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Esports Revenue

The easiest place to start is of course with esports revenue. In 2017 esports revenue was at $696 million. By 2021 revenue from esports will reach 1.6 billion dollars. While it is certainly an interesting number, it would have also been nice if the chart had shown 2019 and 2020 so we could look at how quickly it would be getting to that number. Despite the lack of information from Filmora, it is interesting to know how big esports will be.

The next question that needs to be asked is of course, where is that revenue coming from? In 2018, 40% of all esports revenue will come from sponsorships which come in at several levels. Teams and individuals competing are sponsored and so are the events themselves.

What is most notable is that merchandise and tickets make up the smallest segment, not even managing to break the 100 million dollar mark. This means that esports, like other forms of entertainment (including gaming focused websites), rely on ads. Without those ads, esports may still be incredibly niche instead of the massive money powerhouse that they are.


Esports Audience Size Growth

Audiences may not bring in a lot of money through merchandise and ticket sales but they still play a vital role in the esports scene. After all, if no one is around to see the ads, no one will advertise. Filmora has broken down the esports audience into two groups: enthusiasts, the people who watch religiously, and the occasional viewer. The occasional viewer has always outnumbered the enthusiasts, though it is predicted that the audience will be very nearly split 50/50 in 2019. In 2017 the global esports audience was at 335 million people and this year it is expected to be 380 million. By 2020 it’s anticipated that there will be nearly 600 million people watching esports.

They’re also suggesting that there won’t be a massive increase from 2017 this year. Some of this is certainly down to the fact that the interest in the MOBA scene is dying. So with one of the major esports genres dying the scene isn’t able to grow quite as much as it normally would be. I highly doubt we’ll see any of the major MOBAs die this year, but the ones that have always been a bit smaller aren’t safe. After this year the esports scene will be stable again and continue with the growth you might expect from the industry.


Top 5 Games Awarding Prize Money

Since I mentioned the top games in MOBAs it only makes sense to now transition to the top games awarding prize money. This can be a good indication of how well a game is doing. So, on the MOBA front, you can safely say that Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm are all safe for some time. This does leave the question of where Smite is at, it could possibly be number 6 for all we know. CSGO and Starcraft II are doing amazingly well, especially when you consider that they came out in 2012 and 2010 respectively.

Also, the amount of money being awarded for these games is massive. In total, we’re talking about $278,278,245.41. Nearly half of that money coming from Dota 2 alone. So yes, there may have been some talk recently about Dota 2 aging a bit, but that doesn’t matter a bit. The game actually came out in 2013, which makes it several years younger than the oldest game on that list. For the record, the oldest game is League of Legends which came out in 2009. I haven’t seen anyone saying that LoL is getting old.


Top Earning Pro Gamers

Finally, we leave off our adventure in money with a look at the top-earning pro gamers. If you’re wondering who is winning all that money we just talked about, you might want to look at these guys first. The top player is KuroKy aka Kuro Salehi Takhasomi, who plays Dota 2 for Team Liquid. He was the first player to reach 1,000 wins in his pro career and he’s also one of only 3 people who has competed in every International to date.

In fact, much of this top list is made up of players from Team Liquid’s Dota 2 team. The one exception on the list is Saahil Arora, aka UNiVeRsE. He plays Dota 2 for Fnatic. You might be sensing a bit of a theme here between all the top earners. UNiVeRsE was in fact crowned the top earner in 2017. So…it must have been a hell of a year for Team Liquid.


In the end, you might be asking yourself what you should take away from this article. I would recommend taking away these two things:

  1. The esports scene is still going strong and things are only looking up for the scene on the whole.
  2. Advertisements are the cost of entertainment in today’s world. So, if you want to continue to get great entertainment, be it a tournament, your favorite youtuber, or articles on websites please turn off Adblock.


Sources: NewZoo, Filmora


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Sea of Thieves Had Over 300k Players in Closed Beta

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…and about 300,000 other people. According to a Sea of Thieves infographic shared after the multiplayer piratical sandbox had it’s first closed beta test, there were a lot of folks who wanted to take up the buccaneering life.


During closed beta, precisely 332,052 players joined in on the swashbuckling fun (when the servers where up to the task), with more than 2 million hours at sea logged among those 300k+ players.

The game appeared to have made an impact with content creators as well, with over 25k content creators sharing their closed beta experiences. There were plenty of folks watching said experiences as well, with 104,120 average viewers totaling over 14 million hours watched. The numbers added up to make Sea of Thieves #1 on both Twitch and Mixer.

While there currently are no major reveals out of the Sea of Thieves camp as of this story’s writing, you’re welcome to check out their most recent video which has members of the game’s art team discussing Sea of Thieves’ unique art style. You can also take a look at all of the numbers for Sea of Thieves closed beta in the infographic below.

Our Thoughts

While certainly not the biggest beta test, that is most definitely a whole lot of people and a lot of interest. We just hope that the game’s connection issues didn’t sour people’s assumptions about the game. Too often we’re seeing closed beta misrepresented as a game demo, so when we have a beta test that’s actually a beta test that can leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

Source: newsletter

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Atlas Reactor Marks One Year of Operation with an Infographic

Do you like data? Nah, neither do I. How about data in a friendly graphical format? It’s nearly the Atlas Reactor one year anniversary and the turn-based multiplayer PvP’er has put together a neat little infographic full of trivia from the game’s first 12 months of operation.

atlas reactor one year anniversary

The infographic provides a quick look at the number of Takedowns, PvP kills in Ranked, and other stats. To date, there have been over 21 million Takedowns, over 7 million PvP kills, and the highest level Freelancer is a level 123(!) Kaigin.

Atlas Reactor is officially one year old this coming Wednesday, October 4th. While there’s no word on whether there will be any sort of in-game celebration or other shenanigans yet, you can at least take a look at the infographic below and marvel at the playerbase’s dedication.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, level 123? Yowza. Here’s hoping we never cross paths with that Kaigin. Our sincerest congratulations to the Atlas Reactor team and Trion Worlds for what’s easily one of the more unique online multiplayer PvP titles out there. We’re looking forward to more.

Source: press release

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