Final Fantasy XIV Creates New Infographics

Infographics are often a fun way for MMOs and other games to mark time, and Final Fantasy XIV is certainly no stranger to the idea. With the MMO’s fifth year celebration all wrapped up, new FFXIV infographics have offered a variety of truly unique metrics to commemorate the milestone.

ffxiv infographics

The infographics in question cover a couple of the expected bases such as number of players and accolades, but there are a couple of other fascinating pieces of trivia pulled together by the devs.

Among them are the fact that you can listen to the MMO’s entire soundtrack while driving the full length of Route 66 at 70mph, or the fact that the House Fortemps guards have performed enough squats to power an electric car around the circumference of the Earth, assuming the heat energy was converted to electrical power.

In other FFXIV community news, the devs have chosen the winners for the Ranged and Melee Physical DPS gear designed by the players. Melee characters are soon to get a pretty unique techno bodysuit and ranged players are due to enjoy a steampunk outfit. The winners and runners-up can be all seen here.

Our Thoughts

Infographics are pretty neat, but we have to give some extra kudos to the folks who compiled this data to create Final Fantasy XIV’s infographics. Who would sit there and think about how much energy squatting would produce? That’s either dedication, insanity, boredom, or a combination of the three.

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