Pokemon Go creator Niantic and Netflix unveil Ingress Anime, Available Now Worldwide

Niantic is best known these days as the creators of Pokemon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite, but before Pokemon Go there was Ingress. Now, thanks to Netflix an Ingress Anime is available around the world. Ingress: The Animation follows Makoto and Sarah, two people who have been impacted by Exotic Matter (XM) that is leaking into the world through Portals. These Portals are real-world landmarks scattered across the globe which can be controlled and defended from two opposing factions that have risen from these events. This is what Ingress Prime, the massively successful mobile augmented reality game is all about.

If you happen to be in Japan Ingress: The Animation has already aired on television. It started last October and ran until the end of December. Thankfully, those of us watching it in the rest of the world won’t have to watch it one week at a time like Japan did. The entire series has been made available on Netflix.

Ingress: The Animation was developed in a collaboration between Fuji TV and Craftar Studios. It is being licensed by Netflix for global release starting today. An interesting tidbit we learn from the trailer is that Ingress Prime has been downloaded 25 million times on iOS and Android. Check out the trailer below for Ingress: The Animation.


We’re incredibly excited to start watching Ingress: The Animation. Keep an eye out for our review of the anime in the coming days. Animes are no strangers to MMOs, in fact, we’ve got a list of the 6 best MMO anime series. Also, check out our list of 5 movies we think would make amazing MMOs.


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