Next EVE Online Expansion is Adding a Deadly New Zone

EVE Fanfest is the site for a new expansion announcement for EVE Online that will challenge players with entering a deadly new area full of mysterious foes and a powerful new resource. The expansion is called Into the Abyss and CCP Games has offered some initial details.

into the abyss

Into the Abyss references pockets that lead into the realm of Abyssal Deadspace, which are opened by items know as Filaments. Once Capsuleers enter this Deadspace, they must navigate through deadly encounters with a force known as the Triglavian Collective and environmental dangers that can either buff, debuff, or do both to a player’s ship. The objective: try to make it out alive with your ship and cargo intact.

As with all things EVE, players will want to balance risk with reward, as venturing deeper into Deadspace could bring more vast rewards but could also mean the loss of your ship, particularly if you meet foes like the Tirglavians or Drifters who can pod you. Additionally, players will want to be careful as they will leave behind a trail that other Capsuleers can probe and trace.

into the abyss

Abyssal Deadspace has been described by the devs as “accessible, short session game-play” encounters which can be cleared in about 15 minutes. Pockets are procedurally generated and will be updated with new features as time passes.

Why go through this trouble? For a material known as mutaplasmids, which can only be found in Abyssal Deadspace. These new mutaplasmids can be used to augment existing ship modules and transform them into powerful Abyssal modules…or charge them with so much power that the module breaks beyond repair.

EVE Online: Into the Abyss is due to arrive for subscribed and free players this coming May – just in time for the sandbox MMO’s 15th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion ahead of time, the devs have put together a video marking the accomplishments and stories of the playerbase which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Our immediate question is whether or not these new Abyssal modules will dramatically change the face of warfare for EVE Online’s territories. If players feel compelled to hunt for these mutaplasmids in an effort to kick off an arms race, that could lead to some considerably interesting developments…

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