Sandbox Space MMO Seed Secures Series A Investment

The colonization-focused sandbox MMO Seed, which earlier this year snared itself some highly experienced devs, has now snared itself a pretty healthy paycheck. Series A investment has been achieved by the devs at Klang in the further hopes of bringing the title to life.

sandbox mmo seed

A cool $8.95 million has been put forth, with the investment being led by Northzone, an early-stage venture capital firm behind Spotify, iZettle, and Avito. According to the announcement from Klang, this new funding will be used to both expand the studio and further the production of the title. This injection of money joins other monies raised during a second equity funding round, which brings total funding for Seed to $13.95 million.

“We’re honored to share our vision with Northzone, and are more excited than ever to tackle this very ambitious project,” said Klang CEO Mundi Vondi. As expected, the investment firm Northzone was equally effusive. “Klang has everything you’d want as an early stage investor – massive vision, experienced team, and an incredible early version of the product,” said Paul Murphy, a partner of the firm. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the team to help bring Seed to market.”

All of that, of course, might mean bupkis to those who would instead like to see something actually gameplay-related. For those folks, there’s also a new pre-alpha gameplay video showing the first steps of a Seed colony below.

Our Thoughts

That is a healthy chunk of change indeed. We definitely hope that this new investment will help Klang bring Seed closer to reality…because that means we’ll get to see more of the actual game being built and developed!

Sources: press release, YouTube

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