The Iron Banner Returns to Destiny 2

In perhaps a not-terribly-surprising development – but certainly one that will be welcome to fans of the shooter – the Destiny 2 Iron Banner has been confirmed, granting hardened PvP players their chance at new competition and new rewards.

destiny 2 iron banner

While the Iron Banner will certainly be familiar to many, there are a few things that will be different this time around. According to the weekly Bungie update, combat prowess will be a determining factor in victory, not Power level. Bounties and Ranks have also been replaced with the Iron Banner Engram, and matches will be between two teams of four players.

For those who enter the arena, Iron Banner Tokens can be earned with more rewarded for the victorious, along with a unique set of armor for players along with daily and season milestones to let players track their progress.

If you’re the sort who would rather prove themselves in PvE, then the upcoming Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid is also on the way. According to the update, the Prestige Raid is meant more as a personal achievement than a form of character advancement. though “unique rewards to help you shine” are on offer. Whatever that means.

The Iron Banner begins on Tuesday, October 10th at 2am PDT and runs through the week until October 17th, while the Prestige Raid is due to open on that same Tuesday, October 10th. Information can be found on Bungie’s website.

Our Thoughts

Looks like it’s time for the top flight of Destiny 2 players – PvP or PvE – to see what they’re truly made of. We hope that those who love to crash into end game as fast as possible have a good time with these upcoming activities.

Source: Bungie website

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