Ironsight Kicks Off Open Beta

The free-to-play multiplayer world has a new FPS to take a look at. Today marks the beginning of the Ironsight open beta launch, granting everyone their opportunity to hop into the game and join in with Founders who were already granted access…who hopefully don’t have, like, weapons that will one-shot the new arrivals or something.

ironsight open beta launch

The new open beta build for Ironsight will feature four new maps, new PvP and PvE modes, and a new ranking system to climb. Patch notes are expected to post on the game’s official forums but are currently not available at the time of this writing.

Ironsight is expected to continue updating with 10 different planned maps, an offering of 100 different weapons, and social features such as in-game clans and clan battles. As one would expect of an open beta, the game is fully free-to-play; you’re welcome to take a closer look on the website.

Our Thoughts

Ironsight is definitely arriving in a very crowded free-to-play genre, both in general and with shooters specifically. That said, perhaps the game’s sense of future-tech will be enough to drive up interest. We’re looking forward to seeing how players take to this new title.

Source: press release

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Ironsight Open Beta Sets Sights on Release

Got your heart set on playing something new? Maybe the Ironsight open beta will scratch that itch when it begins on February 1st.

Ironsight Open Beta Sets Sights on Release

What is it, you ask? Well, Ironsight is an online shooter set in 2025 when the world has devolved into two factions’ fight over the last remaining natural resources. There are 10 maps planned for release featuring Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Secure Point, and Resource Takeover game modes which are focused mainly on team play and a decent use of tactics. There is also a co-op mode where you can choose between Mission: EMP and AI Team Deathmatch. Each time-limited round sees players taking a variety of drones and controllable mechs, which is always a fun time.

Following the technical beta, Ironsight will receive new content and other goodies, including four new maps, a new game mode, and a new mission to take on, as well as a host of improvements and bug fixes. Ironsight founders can also enjoy an exclusive pre-open beta phase from January 30th, allowing them to get a small headstart.

You can find out more on the official Ironsight website, and read up about the information collected from the technical beta test here if you’re interested.

Our Thoughts

We see an awful lot of online shooters come and go in this industry, but some are certainly worth a look. Of course, we can’t know how Ironsight will play just yet but it certainly looks to have a lot of polish at this point so we’ll be keeping our eye on it as development is ongoing. Will you be checking out Ironsight when it hits open beta?

Source: Press Release

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The MMO Alpha and Beta List: September 22, 2017

We finally return to our regularly scheduled quiet period on the MMO Alpha and Beta List. Though this week we did see two games leave the list and launch, Raiders of the Broken Planet and Guardians of Ember. You can find both of these on Steam if you’re curious.

PvP brawler Blast Out started Early Access this week.

Webzen announced that MU Legend’s open beta would begin on November 7th, after having been delayed earlier this year.

Speaking of delays, Dauntless has delayed their open beta until the beginning few months of 2018.

And this week there were two newly announced games. The first is Ironsight, a first-person shooter from Gamigo. The other is Pantropy another FPS, but this one is all about the mechs and keeping the limited resources. Pantropy will be having a Kickstarter in early November, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more on that.

Just to let everyone know, there will not be a Beta List next week. I’ll be spending the time working on making sure each and every game on the list is correct and up to date. So if you know of any games I need to add let me know in the comments!

MMO Alpha and Beta List


As always you can find everything I listed above and so much more in the lists below. Keep an eye out for the new  flag which will let you know what is new this week.


Pre-Alpha and Alpha

Tale of Toast

Tale of Toast

Arcfall Official Site MMO Survival
Ark Park Official Site Dinosaur VR
Ashes of Creation Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Alpha Dec 15
Bless Online Official Site MMORPG Korea Alpha
Breakaway Official Site Sport Brawler
Camelot Unchained Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Children of Ur Official Site Glitch-revival
Closers Official Site Anime Action RPG September
Copia Official Site Strategy Card Game
Crowfall Official Site Strategy MMORPG
Dogma: Eternal Night Official Site Gothic Horror MMO
Dragon of Legends Official Site Online aRPG
Dual Universe Official Site Sci-Fi MMORPG Sept 30
Durango Official Site Mobile Dinosaur Survival Launches Q4 2017
Eco Official Site Global Survival Game
Empyrion Official Site MMORPG
Exidium Corp Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox
Fangold Official Site Digital TCG
Forsaken Legends Official Site MMORPG
Legends of Aria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Lineage Eternal Official Site Action MMORPG Delayed
Little War Online Official Site 2D MMORPG
New Dawn Official Site Survival Sandbox
OrbusVR Official Site VR MMORPG
Preta: Vendetta Rising Official Site Hack and Slash MORPG
Project Gorgon Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Pumpkin Online Official Site Non-Combat Game
Rebel Horizons Official Site Sci-Fi MMO
Sacrament Official Site Indie MMORPG
SamuTale Official Site Sandbox MMO
Sea of Thieves Official Site Pirate Adventure MMO Technical Alpha
Skara – The Blade Remains Official Site MOBA(ish)
Tale of Toast Official Site Indie PvP
Valiance Online Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Wild West Online Official Site Wild West Sandbox MMORPG
Zombie Barricades Official Site 3rd Person RPG


Early Access

JCB Pioneer: Mars

JCB Pioneer Mars

Abatron Official Site RTS FPS
Age of Heroes VR Official Site MMORPG inspired VR
Arena: Cyber Evolution Official Site Sports MOBA
Battalion 1944 Official Site WW2 Multiplayer Shooter
Battlerite Official Site Team Arena Brawler
Boundless Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMO
 Blast Out Official Site PvP Brawler AKA RUiN
Citadel: Forged With Fire Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Conan Exiles Official Site Open World Survival Launch Q1 2018
Dark and Light Official Site Dark Survival MMORPG
Days of War Official Site WWII Shooter
DayZ Official Site Zombie Survival
Descent: Underground Official Site Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
Divided We Fall Official Site Team Strategy Game
Fortnite Official Site 3rd Person Action Builder
Gloria Victis Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Golden Rush Official Site 4-Team MOBA
Grav Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO
H1Z1: Just Survive Official Site Zombie Survival
H1Z1: King of the Kill Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Heavy Gear Assault Official Site MMO-ish PvP Arena
Hellion Official Site Multiplayer Space Survival
Hyper Universe Official Site Side Scroll MOBA
Islet Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
JCB Pioneer: Mars Official Site Survival Sandbox
Jeklynn Heights Official Site Match-Based Multiplayer
Kings and Heroes Official Site Co-Op Action RPG
Labyrinth Official Site CCG RPG
Lifeless Official Site Zombie Survival
Line of Defense Official Site MMOFPS
Linkrealms Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Naval Action Official Site Naval Sandbox MMO
Novus Inceptio Official Site Sandbox Survival MMO
Of Kings and Men Official Site Multiplayer Strategy
One Tower Official Site Micro MOBA
Osiris: New Dawn Official Site Space Survival Adventure
Out of Reach Official Site Survival Sandbox
Overpower Official Site MOBA-Style MMOFPS
Pathfinder Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Project Genom Official Site Sci-Fi Shooter
Quake Champions Official Site Shooter
Riding Out Official Site Horse MMO
Rokh Official Site Sci-Fi Survival
Saga of Lucimia Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Savage Lands Official Site Multiplayer Survival
Shroud of the Avatar Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Star Citizen Official Site Spaceship Simulator
Stash Official Site Turn-Based RPG
Tannenberg Official Site WW1 Shooter Nov 16
The Black Death Official Site Medieval Survival MMO
The Exiled Official Site PvP Sandbox
The Isle Official Site Dinosaur Survival
The Culling Official Site Battle Royale Shooter
Throne of Lies Official Site Social Deduction
Tiger Knight Empire At War Official Site PvP Strategy
TUG Official Site Sandbox Survival
Utherous Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Valnir Rok Official Site Norse Sandbox Sept 26
VRobot Official Site Robot Smash VR
Wild Buster Official Site Sci-fi Hack’n’Slash October
Wild Terra Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Win That War! Official Site MMORTS


Closed Beta

Shadowgun Legends at Gamescom

Shadowgun Legends

Battlerite Official Site Team Arena Brawler
Dauntless Official Site Co-op Action RPG Open Beta in 2018
Escape From Tarkov Official Site Military MMO
Fable Fortune Official Site Digital TCG
Fairy Tale: Hero’s Journey Official Site Online RPG
Fortnite Official Site PvP Battle Royal Mode
Fringe Wars Official Site Space MOBA Spring 2018
Lost Ark Official Site Diablo-esque Action Game Korea Only
Luna Online Official Site Anime MMORPG SE Asia Beta
Moonlight Blade Official Site MMORPG Korea Only, Sept 7-30
One Tower Official Site Micro MOBA
Paragon Official Site MOBA
PigBang Official Site Mobile MOBA
Royal Blood Official Site Mobile MMORPG Korea Only Sept 25
Shadowgun Legends Official Site Destiny-like Mobile
Shattered Skies Official Site Survival Shooter
Shot Online Golf Official Site Golf the MMO
Soul Master Official Site RTS/RPG Blend
Switchblade Official Site 5v5 Vehicle Arena PC & PS4
The Amazing Eternals Official Site FPS-Deckbuilding Strategy Formerly Called Keystone
Total War: ARENA Official Site RTS Battle
Worlds Adrift Official Site Sandbox MMO


Open Beta

Ever, Jane Screenshot Small Town

Ever, Jane

ArcheAge Begins Official Site Mobile Spinoff
Battlesplash Official Site Water Shooter
Dreadnought Official Site Internet Spaceships PS4 Beta
Ever, Jane Official Site Jane Austen MMORPG
INSIDIA Official Site Strategy PvP
Kritika Online Official Site Action RPG Launch Sept
MU Legend Official Site Action MMORPG Nov 7
Paladins Official Site Team-Based Shooter
Supernova Official Site Sci-fi MOBA
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Official Site Shooter Sept 21-25
Transformers Online Official Site Overwatch a-like Chinese Beta
Virtual Earth Online Official Site World Building



city of titans commander

City of Titans

Champions of Megara Kickstarter Digital Trading Card Ends Oct 7
Citadel of Sorcery Open Donation MMORPG
City of Titans Kickstarter Superhero MMORPG Coming Soon
Exile Online Gofundme Dystopia Cyberpunk In Development
Life is Hard Kickstarter RP MMO Ends Sept 29
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Open Donation Fantasy MMORPG
Sacrament Patreon Indie MMORPG
Shadow’s Kiss Patreon Vampire Adult MMORPG
Star Citizen Open Donation Space Simulator MMO
Valiance Online Open Donation Superhero MMORPG Ongoing
War of Conquest Kickstarter MMORTS Ends Oct 5


Announced But Unplayable

Chronicles of Elyria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
City of Titans Official Site Superhero MMORPG Pre-Alpha 2017
 Ironsight Official Site FPS Early 2018
Maguss Official Site Magic Location Based ARG
Harry Potter meets Pokemon Go
 Pantropy Official Site MMOFPS Kickstarter in Nov
Seed Official Site Survival
Ship of Heroes Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Alpha Dec 2017, Beta Dec 2018
Untitled Funcom Conan Game Turn-based Strategy
Vermintide 2 Official Site Warhammer Shooter
Wizard Online Official Site VR MMORPG
Confirmed on hiatus but not dead



Seas of Gold

Seas of Gold

The Amazing Eternals Beta Keys
Seas of Gold Beta Keys

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