Trove Experiences Extended Downtime Due to Flux Duping

It would appear that the economy of Trove was on the brink of collapse. An apparent bout of Trove flux duping has forced an extended maintenance period while the devs seek to repair the damage.

trove flux duping

The matter was first brought to the attention of the devs in the game’s forums when one player mused aloud why the in-game Marketplace was experiencing dramatic price swings. According to replies in that same thread, Flux – a vital component required for forging and upgrading items – was being duplicated rapidly, causing hub Community Chests to overflow with huge stacks of Megaflux Tanks and sending the in-game economy into a tailspin.

As of this writing, Trove is now back online and fixed for PS4 and Xbox One but is still under heavy maintenance on PC. The latest dev post promises more information to come later, but does still state that the PC version will likely not be back online until sometime later this afternoon PST. The post also mentions that some manner of compensation will be announced once the problem has been cleared.

“For now please be patient with us,” reads the most recent update. “No one wants to bring the game online more than us but we need to get this issue resolved first.”

Our Thoughts

Welp, looks like Trove fans on PC are just going to have to wait a while until the game’s economy is picked back up and dusted off appropriately. It’s pretty unfortunate that things blew up in the way they did, but this rollback or maintenance period should hopefully get things under control. We hope not too many innocent people will be negatively impacted by all of this.

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