Black Desert Online Addresses Hidden Item Stats

Datamining and revelation of Black Desert Online hidden item stats has been a pretty big topic of conversation for the MMO’s community, particularly on the game’s subreddit. A statement from BDO’s executive producer Jae-hee Kim is tackling the matter and revealing new systems that will make item stats more transparent.

black desert online hidden item stats

First and foremost, Accuracy, Evasion, and Damage Reduction numbers will be more clearly visible in item descriptions. A release date for this change isn’t available as the updates are still in development, but Kim hopes to have these changes in place soon.

As for hidden stats and modifiers, the cloak will be pulled away from such items in an update to come after the planned item stat detail changes. Item descriptions will also be more informative, and item drop rates will see an increase based on Node Levels. Patch notes will also better communicate changes to stats or item drop rates, be they increased or decreased.

Finally, it was revealed that damage numbers will not be visible in Black Desert Online in order to prevent “excessive min-maxing” in the game. “We believe numbers do not mean everything,” reads the letter. “We truly hope each and every player will create and grow their own, unique character to find joy in battles along with everything else. We do hope our players consider higher stats to not be the driving goal of playing Black Desert Online.”

You can read the full letter on the BDO website.

Our Thoughts

Even if you can’t see the damage numbers, if you have a better idea what items are doing to improve your character then that should be more than enough. We’re not completely sure why the devs of Black Desert Online thought hidden stats would be a good idea, but we’re glad to see it headed for the trash bin.

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