Nexon Sold a Japanese Subsidiary for 1 Yen

Last week it was announced that Nexon sold a Japanese subsidiary for 1 Yen. For a bit of backstory, in 2012 Nexon purchased a Japanese studio by the name of gloops that was supposed to “accelerate Nexon’s mobile strategy.” It was an all-cash deal worth 36.5 billion Yen. Unfortunately for gloops and Nexon the company then went on to post losses for several years, making them a financial burden to their parent company. That is why last week Nexon sold gloops to GRDrive for 1 Yen.

For those keeping track at home that is $0.009 or €0.008. This is comparable to what it costs the company to print a single page of paper in the MMOGames office. Meaning that the paper this deal is printed on cost more than the deal itself.

Gloops’ latest mobile game, ArkResona will be shut down on January 31st. This calls into question what exactly GRDrive intends to do with gloops. Whatever it is, we are unlikely to hear about it as so far they have been primarily focused on a Japanese audience.

It should also be noted that Nexon is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and there is the potential for this to have an impact on their financials at the end of the quarter or even sooner. While it may be the best thing for Nexon right now, it can’t be easy to see a company go from 36.5 billion Yen to 1 in just 7 years.


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Phantasy Star Online 2 Releasing on Switch in Japan

After yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, your gaming social media feeds are probably full of memes about Mario nipples and jack-diesel King Dedede. But there’s one thing that’s absent from the Western Nintendo Direct: a Phantasy Star Online 2 Switch version, which was announced during the Japanese presentation.

phantasy star online 2 switch

The Switch edition of the MMORPG is called Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud, which appears to reference the use of cloud server technology in order to download the game according to this writer’s extremely rudimentary understanding of the announcement trailer.

Sega has yet to confirm any plans to make the game available outside of Japan – a practice that is likely very familiar to series devotees – as of this story’s writing. It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch is a region-free system and previous versions of PSO2 apparently did not have an IP block. Whether that will hold true for a cloud-streamed edition of the MMO is not immediately clear, however.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud will arrive to Japan sometime in 2018. The trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We’re with you, PSO fans. It appears that Sega just does not like getting money from people, so it’s not a surprise that series fans have strong reactions to the news. But hey, Western Switch owners are getting a MOBA. So…yay?

Sources: Siliconera via Eurogamer, YouTube

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