NCSoft Posts Job for Next-Generation Aion MMORPG

It appears that NCSoft isn’t the reaper of MMO souls many would like to think it is. At least as far as its Korean market is concerned. Case in point; a new job posting by the company which seem to hint at some next-generation Aion MMO, or at least something based on the Aion universe.

next-generation aion mmo

According to the posting, the company is seeking an animator to work on some undetermined new project based on the Aion IP. As one would perhaps expect, the details of this job posting are pretty sparse on the specifics of what this project involves, but it does mention that the project is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and is intended to be “a next-generation console and PC MMORPG.”

This new job posting could have connections to a January 2017 rumor of a direct sequel to Aion, though bear in mind that was an assumption that was reached thanks to the project’s codename of “A2”, a project that was in the planning stages at the time of the initial rumor in question.

That said, a year between planning and hiring an animator for characters and monsters of the project could certainly fit the timeline of development. The iron may also be hot for a sequel to Aion; bear in mind that NCSoft’s Q1 report saw the game’s sales jump by 48% as a result in a monetization scheme adjustment.

Our Thoughts

By our admission, there are a few stretches in this logic regarding this all leading into an Aion 2 and there’s even less chance that any of this will mean anything to Western players of Aion. All the same, we are curious to learn just what this “next-generation” form of Aion will end up being one way or the other, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: MMO Culture

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Blizzard Seeks a Dungeon Artist for Diablo

Right, everyone got their salt ready? No, it’s not margarita time, put the tequila away. It’s Blizzard game dev speculation time! On today’s show, we’ve got another Diablo job posting that hints at some new developments for the ARPG series. Or not. That’s why it’s speculation.

diablo job posting

The posting in question is looking for a dungeon artist for what’s described as “a new, unannounced Diablo project”. Beyond that tidbit of information, the job posting details are otherwise mundane; familiarity with Maya, ZBrush, and Substance painter/designer, HR buzzwords like “self-motivated” and “team player”, etc. About the only other hint – and this is a stretch – is the capitalization when the posting references creating “assets for the Diablo World”.

Something truly new for Diablo is well overdue, with the current game seeming to be content with offering up Seasons as its main hook for new content. To that point, the most recent announcement mentions that future Seasons of Diablo 3 will be themed, with Season 14’s theme being “greed”.

It’s possible that this new dungeon artist job listing holds hands with another job posting made last year that sought a production director with “massively multiplayer experience”. That said, it’s also entirely possible that this job posting is in reference to the anonymously confirmed Nintendo Switch edition.

Our Thoughts

If there’s anything new to report on this front, it likely won’t be coming before E3. We would love to see a proper MMORPG based on the Diablo universe, but then again Blizzard has already been pretty gunshy about bringing a new MMORPG to market. Just ask Project Titan. Oh, wait, you can’t, because Overwatch is all up in your face.

Source: Blizzard Careers site

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Job Posting Suggests Anthem Will Have FPS Gameplay

Considering lots of people have assumed Anthem is EA’s attempt to directly take on Bungie’s Destiny, perhaps the potential of Anthem first-person gameplay isn’t too much of a stretch. That said, footage has suggested the game is a third-person action shooter almost primarily…until a new job posting, that is.

anthem first-person

The posting is for BioWare’s Austin office and seeks a principal gameplay designer specifically for Anthem. Among the listed requirements of the job posting, one reads the candidate needs to have “exceptional hands on experience with game mechanics in 1st or 3rd person shooters space”.

While the suggestion is certainly open to interpretation, and the gameplay reveal from last year’s E3 was mostly in third-person view, the opening sequence of that same trailer first kicked off in first-person mode. This could mean that Anthem will allow players to switch between FPS and over-the-shoulder third person view a la Star Wars Battlefront 2.

There currently is nothing new out of Anthem itself, with the most recent reports confirming that the online shooter will be pushed back into sometime in early 2019 to make room for the next in the Battlefield series.

Our Thoughts

It’s really hard to leap to one conclusion or the other here. The job posting probably will want the candidate comfortable with both perspectives yet will focus on just the one. Still, the ability to swap between first- and third-person isn’t outside of the realm of possibility, either. We’ll just have to wait and see what things will look like. Once EA is finished with pushing the next Battlefield game, of course.

Source: EA careers page via Gamewatcher

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ArenaNet Posts Job Opening for a Narrative Designer

The Living World has many more stories to tell and it looks like a Guild Wars 2 job posting is seeking someone to hire for that purpose. A tweet by narrative producer and narrative lead Bobby Stein has announced the oportunity for anyone who has the chops to write for the MMORPG.

guild wars 2 job posting

As one would perhaps expect, qualifications for the position are high, including expert-level dramatic writing skills with “a substantial track record of demonstrated proficiency in both games and at least one other narrative medium”. That said, the job is a full-time on-site position at the game’s offices in Bellevue, Washington.

The job posting doesn’t provide any sort of clues as to the narrative direction of Guild Wars 2, but according to the responsibilities of the narrative designer, the new hire will be kept pretty busy overall.

If you happen to be among the highly qualified, then you can submit your application. Otherwise, Mr. Stein rather kindly wrote a helpful and frank thread for those who aspire to write for video games.

Our Thoughts

Not a barn-burner of a job posting, but all the same we’re eager to see that ArenaNet is ready to start the process of writing the next steps of the plot for Guild Wars 2. If anyone reading this happens to have put in an application, we wish you the best of luck.

Source: Twitter via Massively Overpowered

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Daybreak Posts Job Listings for New MMO Titles

It’s time for everyone’s favorite pastime! It’s Armchair Game Dev Analysis! Today on AGDA, we’re going to ponder the possibilities of some new Daybreak job postings that allude to in-development MMO and multiplayer titles. So settle into your armchairs, get your caps lock key ready, and let’s dive in.

daybreak job postings

Multiple job postings have been shared on Daybreak’s careers page for unannounced projects coming out of the San Diego, California and Austin, Texas studios. The jobs are for animators, artists, and combat designers among other positions.

One of the San Diego character artist postings makes mention that the studio is working on “an unannounced AAA title based on a popular world-class IP”, while the combat designer listing in Austin mentions working with a lead designer on “multiplayer, RPG, action-based game systems” for use in “a hugely popular IP”.

All of the jobs in question also make mention of the use of Unreal Engine, though it would appear that both studio projects are separate from one another in terms of game type and IP. Probably.

Our Thoughts

If this means we get to see some new and actually playable version of EverQuest Next, then this could mean great things. Of course, that assumes a whole lot of things and so isn’t a leap to conclusion so much as a warp drive-driven jump to one. Still, we’ve got fingers crossed and we’ll keep our eyes on any new details.

Source: Daybreak careers page

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Blizzard Offers Internship for an Unannounced Overwatch Title

Yep, it’s another job listing report. This one looks to be for the college-level applicant however. A Blizzard internship opening has been shared to Blizzard’s Careers site – one that makes reference to an apparent unannounced Overwatch game.

unannounced overwatch game

“An unannounced project at Blizzard is seeking an intern to help create a wide range of assets to help bring our game to life,” explains the listing, which is granting someone the opportunity to work with Blizzard’s art team to create props, weapons, and possibly characters, though the internship does appear to be focused on the prop creation side of things.

While the listing covers the broad variety of experiences on offer and requirements to apply, one particularly intriguing detail lies in the “Recommended Talents” section, which asks for someone with “knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch universe”.

As the post is for a generalist position, specifics on what platform this game might be on are not provided or alluded to in the post.

Our Thoughts

So, obviously, there’s not a lot of hard information here on what this Overwatch game could be, whether it’s an entirely new game or some manner of spin-off title. That said, the world of Overwatch is demonstrably vast and the fans of the game are very clearly talented, so whatever this new game may end up being, this should be a great match as well as a shining opportunity for one lucky student.

Source: Blizzard Careers site

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Diablo Seeks an Employee with ‘Massive Multiplayer’ Experience

So we know that the immediate future of Diablo 3 likely isn’t going to be earth-shattering considering the ARPG has pulled itself out of the announcements segment of BlizzCon. That said, a new Diablo job posting could mean that things could be very interesting further down the road for the title.

diablo job

The job listing is for a new production director for an “unannounced project” related to the Diablo franchise that is intended to “bring the Diablo franchise into the future”. The duties of the new hire appear to be heavy indeed, with the job requiring a handle on marketing, development, QA, customer service, and teamwork with international regions.

Among the most interesting tidbits in the job posting is in the “pluses” section, which lists “massive multiplayer game development experience” as a strong consideration for employment. That said, the majority of the posting makes no additional reference to multiplayer gaming.

Our Thoughts

We’re not going to speculate too terribly much about this job posting, but we also can’t help but wonder what this high-level hiring call means for Diablo. Is this related to Diablo 3 directly, or could this mean an entirely different game in the franchise is in the works? What do you think?

Source: Blizzard Careers site via

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Blizzard Makes a Job Posting for a Mobile MMORTS

Yep, we’re back to the job posting-related rumor mill once again. This time we’re mulling over the possibilities of a Blizzard mobile MMORTS as the company has listed an opening for the unannounced and untitled project.

blizzard mobile mmorts

The job posting is for a Senior Client Engineer, specifically someone who possesses “an unwavering passion for mobile development and solving engineering problems unique to mobile app environments” according to the posting. The only other clues about this MMORTS involve familiarity with the Unity engine and understanding of 3D graphics and shaders.

It’s unclear whether this project is in any way associated with a job posting for an in-development Warcraft mobile game, though the job posting’s lack of mention of the Warcraft IP or any existing IP seems to suggest otherwise.

Our Thoughts

A mobile version of Warcraft or StarCraft would certainly be the “easy way out”, but it’s also not entirely beyond the pale for Blizzard to come up with an entirely new IP specifically for this MMORTS. Either way, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any additional developments. We’d love to hear your opinions on this news: what do you think this new game could be?

Source: Blizzard Careers site

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