PUBG Has Been Banned in Jordan, Fortnite Expected to Follow

PUBG has been banned in Jordan, just one of many such bans we’ve seen against popular Battle Royale titles this year. It is also expected that Fortnite won’t be far behind. The reason for the ban, like the others we’ve seen this year are vague concerns about the negative impact of these games. According to Jordan’s Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, a recent study found that the game was harmful to people of all ages. The commission’s Director of Beneficiaries Affairs said that it was established to deal with complaints from citizens about the terrifying spread of menacing videogames.

It will be interesting to see if these bans stick. So far the others that have happened across Asia haven’t, but, for a short time they bring some attention to the area and spark debate about if these games are actually dangerous or not.

This of course also comes after the World Health Organization declared that video game addiction is a real health concern. A move that, as it turns out, was done in haste and possibly had some political pressure from several different countries in Asia. As the dust settles there seems to be less support for Gaming Disorder and it is possible we will see the WHO reverse their decision in favor of more research in the future.

Battle Royale games specifically seem to be getting targeted in a way that no other genre of game ever has before. This is almost certainly because of their massive popularity with pre-teens and teens. Popularity that has spread across the world and from the point of view of parents at least, is all consuming and destroying lives.


Source: PCGamer

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