H1Z1: Just Survive Gets a Stay of Execution

So H1Z1: Just Survive – you know, the part of the game that isn’t battle royale – looked to be sunk as of this month. However, the previously announced Daybreak Games investor appears to also be willing to bankroll the survival sandbox along with Z1 Battle Royale, meaning the Just Survive shutdown isn’t happening.

just survive shutdown

The news comes from Daybreak’s Jace Hall, who announced during a developer livestream this past Friday that the joint venture between the company and NantG Mobile LLC will also mean that the Just Survive portion of H1Z1 will remain live in some capacity.

“Just Survive will continue and our intention is to put it into a maintenance mode for a moment,” said Hall. “Then we want to work with the community over time and figure out the right way to re-integrate Just Survive as a mode inside of Z1. There’ll be a survival mode, you’ll see Just Survive.”

There’s no hard timeline for when this maintenance mode will begin for Just Survive or when it’ll be folded into Z1BR, but we expect that the next couple of weeks will provide more firm details on that front.

Our Thoughts

Well, this is some surprisingly good news for fans of Just Survive. Assuming, of course, there are enough of them to make adding the mode to Battle Royale sustainable. If nothing else, having it as a secondary mode for the (apparently) now primary game will give folks options. One could say that this game will survive, only just.

Source: MMO Fallout

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