MMO Money: Q2 2018 Reports and Kid Friendly MMOs

The Q2 2018 reports have started pouring in and so far it is good news all around. We’ve also got a couple of more lifetime revenue reports from Sensor Tower that make us wish we had made those games. But perhaps the biggest surprise is a kid’s MMO that doesn’t get much press coverage and many people don’t even know about that is doing amazingly well, with a subscription even. All of that and much more below in this week’s MMO Money.


1.3 Billion in Player Spending for Lineage II: Revolution Since Launch

Lineage II: Revolution launched in South Korea in December 2016 and in less than two years it has brought in $1.3 Billion, with 64% of that money coming from Google Play while the rest is from the iOS app store. The largest market for Lineage II: Revolution should come as no surprise, it’s South Korea which accounts for 57% of total player spending. Japan is second, accounting for 26% of player spending. The United States accounts for just 3% of the game’s lifetime revenue. It also continues to rank highly in the global app revenue. Last quarter it ranked number 15 for all app spending on the iOS App Store and Google Play, it also ranked number 12 among all mobile games. While spending in the West is barely worth mentioning it is important to keep an eye on mobile games like these which seem to be the future for MMO players.

Source: Sensor Tower


Fortnite Not Using Google Play

Fortnite Battle Royale

In a move that some find to be controversial, Epic has announced that while they are bringing Fortnite to Android, they won’t be using the Google Play store. From a business perspective, it makes complete sense. It is the most popular game in the world right now so they don’t really need the exposure that being on that distribution platform would provide. There’s also the fact that Google takes a 30% cut. Why would they use Google Play when they can do it themselves so easily? There are some minor concerns about the security risk that is involved with not having the game on Google Play, but these concerns seem to be completely overblown. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Fortnite will be released on Android yet.

Source: The Verge


Fallout Shelter Lifetime Revenue Passes $90 Million

Fallout Shelter

Can you believe it has been 3 years since Fallout Shelter was launched? Since then the game has generated $93 million on iOS and Android. Not only has it brought in that much money, it also recently had its second most profitable day yet. On June 15, 2018 player spending was at $212,000. In comparison, the best day the game has ever had was September 14, 2015 when it grossed $237,000. Sensor Tower founder Oliver Yeh projects that Fallout Shelter will reach $100 million before the end of 2018. The United States accounts for 59% of all the game’s revenue. It also happens to be quite evenly split between iOS and Android. iOS accounts for 49% while Android accounts for 51% of spending.

Source: Sensor Tower


Novaquark Gets $3.5 Million in Funding for Dual Universe

Dual Universe is a sandbox science fiction game that is currently in pre-alpha testing and now thanks to a funding deal they’ll be able to expand the team and make the game a reality. This money, when combined with their 2016 Kickstarter campaign brings them up to $11.5 million in funds raised for the game. Currently, the game is on track to launch in 2020.

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz


Activision Blizzard Revenue Up Despite Lack of Major Releases

Despite the fact that Activision Blizzard didn’t have any major releases or expansions launch in Q2 they still had an amazing quarter, bringing in an amazing $1.64 billion in that period. They also said that they have 37 million active monthly users across all its games. If it were evenly distributed, which of course it isn’t, that would mean each person spent $45. Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion has had strong pre-orders which has helped the company get that high quarterly revenue.

Source: Activision Blizzard Q2 2018 Report


Kakao Invest in Esports

Kakao’s gaming division has been having year after year of growth and companies investing in it. In fact, just this year they’ve had $131 million invested in them from companies like Bluehole, NetMarble, and Tencent. Now they’re spreading the love too with a $17 million investment in esports developer Neptune. The two companies are going to work on 2 different mobile games featuring the Kakao Friends cast of characters.

Source: Pulse News


Animal Jam Lifetime Revenue Hits $150 Million

Animal Jam

Whoever said MMOs aren’t for kids clearly hasn’t heard about Animal Jam. The MMO focused on kids launched 8 years ago, with a mobile version having released 3 years ago. The majority, 85% of revenue comes from subscriptions, the rest coming from in-game currency items and licensing deals. The game has 100 million registered users, 61% of those living in the United States or Canada, they also account for 79% of revenue. The game’s next highest market is Brazil which is home to 11% of monthly active users. Mobile revenue has gone up 36% in the last year and daily active users are split pretty evenly between the web and mobile versions. In all so far the mobile game accounts for $20 million in revenue, 72% of which comes from iOS. Animal Jam has clearly succeeded where so many others have failed, not only being an MMO for kids but also having a subscription.



NetEase Q2 Financials

Things are looking good for NetEase as they announce a net revenue up 21.7% year on year, giving them $2.5 billion. Online games account for $1.5 billion of that, but the area that is most impressive is mobile games. They account for 74.7% of the segment’s revenue. This comes as the company is diversifying and moving beyond the MMORPG genre. Many of their non-MMORPG games have been at the top of the charts in China. They also released Justice, which became one of the most acclaimed PC games launched in China in recent years.


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