Black Desert Online Will Add Spanish Language Support

If you’re reading this and speak or read Spanish, you’re far more intelligent than me because I don’t understand two languages and barely understand my native one. Also, you’ll be happy to note that Black Desert Online Spanish language support is on the way.

black desert online spanish

BDO currently has support for English, German, and French, but will soon be including Spanish in order to open the game up to players in the US, Mexico, and Spain. The intention, naturally, is to get more people in the West playing as well as to meet the demand of players looking for additional supported languages.

In order to speed along the localization, Kakao Games is taking on additional help for the localization department as well as adding new community managers. In the near future, Black Desert Online will also have Spanish-speaking GMs as part of its customer support crew.

Work on adding Spanish language support is currently underway and is expected to arrive to Western players sometime before the end of the first half of 2018.

Our Thoughts

Obviously, this is good news for the game overall as well as for those who are native Spanish speakers. Granting access to Black Desert Online to more players is most definitely a positive move and we hope that players in Spanish speaking countries enjoy the game, or enjoy the game more after the localization if they’re playing already.

Source: press release

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